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Humidifiers: Why You Should Have One in Your Home

A whole house humidifier can even stop snoring!

When the first chill hits the air in winter, some of us run straight for our humidifiers because we know what an asset they are. They keep our noses from running and bleeding in cold weather, and they keep our skin and lips from becoming dry and chapped. Plus, they promote a healthier environment that keeps the flu and cold away.

Cracked Heat Exchanger Danger - Protect Your Family With These Tips

Replace a broken heat exchanger to prevent danger in your home

You may have heard news stories about people passing away in their sleep or suffering from brain and heart damage due to carbon monoxide poisoning. However, the “ Silent Killer” as it’s known by many, can be prevented if you are proactive and aware of the steps you can take to protect yourself. Something as simple as a cracked heat exchanger can be a threat.

Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Plumbing This Fall

Tips for Winterizing Your Plumbing

Let's face it – fall gets busy! The holidays are right around the corner, football is in full swing, kids are back in school, and everyone is outside trying to enjoy that last bit of crisp air before the winter comes. While you're making your list of things to do, one task that needs to be added is winterizing your plumbing. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Avoiding Northern Virginia’s Worst Fall Allergy Triggers at Home

Northern Virginia fall allergy sufferers can get relief with these hvac tips.

Spring isn’t the only time of year when allergy sufferers sniffle and sneeze. Autumn can be just as bad – and sometimes worse – depending what triggers your allergies.

Close Your Windows

What to Expect When You Call a Plumber

what to expect when you call a plumber for repairs or plumbing service.


You wake up in the morning, and find that there is no hot water.

You take a bath, and discover that you have flooded the floor below.

You discover a nasty leak from your drains that can't be stopped.

Using a Thermostat with Advanced Technology to Reduce Energy Costs

Install a smart thermostat to save money on energy bills


Your energy bill is soaring and you need to make sure that you keep it as low as possible, but how can you do that?

There are several different ways to cut the cost of your energy bill, including not letting the family turn on the heating until everyone is freezing cold, and manually turning off the heat at set times of the day or night... but we don’t recommend that!

What does it mean to be a Trane Comfort Specialist?


Not all air conditioning units are created equally.  Some are far more efficient than others, and some are prone to major issues within just a few short years, especially as they work to keep you comfortable during the hot and humid conditions of summer in Northern Virginia.

So which brand of air conditioner is the best?  Well, ”It’s hard to stop a Trane.”

Commercial Cooling: How SSI is Keeping Northern Virginia Businesses Cool This Summer

Don't make your employees sweat out the summer. Get your commercial air conditioner maintained now.

Picture yourself on a Thursday afternoon sitting at your desk, working hard to meet a Friday deadline.  It has already been a long week, but you have accomplished a lot.


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