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Seasonal Maintenance: What we do and how it keeps you safe and saves you money

Spring Maintenance Keeps Your AC Running Smoothly

It is easy to take your heating and air conditioning systems for granted—that is, until the weather turns scorching hot or freezing cold and they aren’t working properly.

Is Your Toilet Running? Better Go Catch It!

Call a plumber to fix your running toilet in Northern Virginia

We’ve all experienced it… your toilet flushes and refills just fine, but then it won’t stop running.  Or perhaps it stops running, only to start again in a few minutes, and it does so over and over.

The running sound gets annoying.  It wastes water.  Worst of all, it’s not good for the toilet.

But is the jiggle-the-handle trick the best way to stop it?

5 Things NoVA Allergy Sufferers Can Do to Avoid the Sniffles This Spring

Suffering from allergies in Northern Virginia

Allergy sufferers in Northern Virginia will be all too familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of a dripping nose and itchy eyes as spring gets into full swing this year. The pollen is in the air and the weather heats up, and rather than enjoying yourself you find your self sneezing into a tissue and rubbing your eyes.

Don’t Just Purify the Air in Your Home, Scrub it Clean

You may think that the air in your home is clean, or perhaps ‘not too bad’ compared with the air outside. But actually, on average indoor air can be 2-5 times (or even up to 100 times) as polluted as outside air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Prepare for a Stormy Summer with a Whole House Generator

Be the house with your lights on when you have a whole house generator.

When it comes to power outages, you really don’t want to take too many risks.

It’s easy to forget how much we rely on electricity in our daily lives. When the power goes down there’s no hot water, no heat, no light and even no phones or Internet.

Top 5 Plumbing Nightmares - And How to Avoid Them

Plumbing problems and how to repair or avoid them

It could be said that if you want to bring civilization to its knees, all you have to do is cause a complete failure of all the indoor plumbing. It wouldn’t take long before everything would grind to a halt when the toilet won’t flush.

Mission Critical HVAC Services in Northern Virginia

Mission Critical HVAC Repair for Server Rooms and Technology Companies


When you search on Google, do you ever think about the servers that are allowing you to search the Internet? When you log into your work server from home to do some paperwork on the weekend, do you think about the server chugging away in a dark server room you never visit?

Probably not.

A Sump Pump Can Save Your Home This Spring

Avoid a flooded home. Install a sump pump today.

Winter can be difficult enough, especially when a lot of snow falls from November to February, but things can get even worse come spring. While many of us view spring as a time of rebirth, with flowers blooming and the sun shining, it is also the time of melting snow, slush and, for some unlucky individuals, flooded basements.

The importance of proper drainage

The Right Setting for Your Hot Water Heater

Water heater temperature settings and information

When you’re looking at ways to save energy in your home, you’ll often find one of the recommended tips is to adjust your water heater settings. However, if you have never attempted to change the temperature, you may be a little wary about doing it for the first time. Here you’ll discover everything you need to know about switching the settings safely.

What should the temperature be?


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