Summer A/C Check-Up!


When is it Time to Call a Plumber?

Owning a home is a wonderful experience, however it can present its own set of challenges at times. While it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on your property, there are some repairs that you should not do on your own. Often, when it comes to plumbing, it is best if you leave it to the professionals.

Unclogging a drain is a great DIY project however anything more than that it is time to call the experts.

Keep Your Business Cool This Summer, and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Summer can bring sweltering temperatures in the Northern Virginia area.  If you own a business, outdoor heat creates a challenge to maintaining a comfortable and productive interior workspace.  Whether they’re part of a small retail shop or a large office building, the HVAC systems that cool the air during summer are critical to work space performance and enjoyment.  SSI has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in commercial HVAC maintenance and design and can help you with this crucial aspect of you

Summer Plumbing Problems - Don't Be a Victim!

Summer brings a host of wonderful outdoor activities to your home.  For many homeowners, the warm weather means cookouts, kiddie pools, running the sprinkler to keep that garden green, and more.  While these changes are seemingly slight, they create stresses on your home’s plumbing systems and appliances.  One way to avoid problems associated with the changes in demand on your home’s systems is to know what causes them and be prepared.  Below are some common summer plumbing concerns that many residential homeowners are not aware of.  

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  • Common Air Conditioner Problems & Repairs

    It’s summer. It’s hot. And your air conditioner isn’t working. One night in a room without air conditioning is usually enough to make any Washington area resident miserable. SSI understands this and strives to help any customer quickly get their air conditioner repaired and running again.

    There is no shortage of causes for a broken air conditioner, but there tend to be a few that are most common. To better understand the repairs that you may one day come across, here are some of the basics:

    Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs in Northern VA

    It’s an all too common refrain during the summer months – the uncomfortable high temperatures turn dangerous, even deadly, especially for the elderly and children. In the Washington area, where humidity levels run high, the body’s ability to cool itself is further compromised, leaving area residents vulnerable to anything from heat cramps to heat stroke. SSI understands this danger, and is quick to respond anytime a customer is without a working air conditioner.

    Summertime Tips for Reducing Humidity in Your Home

    Anyone who has spent a summer day in Washington DC or Northern Virginia knows what humidity feels like: the thick, heavy air that leaves your skin wet and your clothes sticking to your body. But high humidity (or water vapor), is not limited to the great outdoors, nor is it limited to the summer months. If not properly monitored, moisture levels in the home can also creep up, providing a breeding ground for allergens that make you cough, sneeze, and feel fatigued.

    Summer Vacation for Your Air Conditioner?

    It’s summertime and you’re headed out of town. While you’ve stopped the mail and held the newspaper, have you determined what to do with your air conditioner? Many people may leave the air conditioning running at full blast, but unless you’re leaving a pet behind, you’re wasting energy - and money - to refrigerate an empty home.

    It's Getting Hot in Nothern Virginia This Summer!

    After the extreme winter weather of 2013-2104, it may be hard to imagine a summer with equal extremes. But if you like the tropics, you’re in luck.  The Farmer’s Almanac – the quintessential predictor of all things dealing with Mother Nature – is calling for heavy rain and extreme heat.  As the Almanac describes it: “Out of the freezer, (and) into the Fire!"

    Preventative HVAC Maintenance for Local VA Businesses

    Regular preventative maintenance of HVAC systems is as important for businesses as it is for homes. Here in Northern Virginia, we urge our commercial clients to invest in a preventative maintenance program; not only is it an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor the wear and tear on commercial HVAC equipment, but it’s also an essential insurance policy against unexpected damage, which could have disastrous effects on a business’s bottom line.

    Five Tips for Conserving Energy This Spring

    Are you ready for spring? Better yet, is your HVAC system (and your wallet)? Here are some helpful tips for staying comfortable – while simultaneously saving energy and money – in Northern Virginia’s variable springtime weather.

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