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What to Expect When You Call a Plumber

what to expect when you call a plumber for repairs or plumbing service.


You wake up in the morning, and find that there is no hot water.

You take a bath, and discover that you have flooded the floor below.

You discover a nasty leak from your drains that can't be stopped.

Using a Thermostat with Advanced Technology to Reduce Energy Costs

Install a smart thermostat to save money on energy bills


Your energy bill is soaring and you need to make sure that you keep it as low as possible, but how can you do that?

There are several different ways to cut the cost of your energy bill, including not letting the family turn on the heating until everyone is freezing cold, and manually turning off the heat at set times of the day or night... but we don’t recommend that!

What does it mean to be a Trane Comfort Specialist?


Not all air conditioning units are created equally.  Some are far more efficient than others, and some are prone to major issues within just a few short years, especially as they work to keep you comfortable during the hot and humid conditions of summer in Northern Virginia.

So which brand of air conditioner is the best?  Well, ”It’s hard to stop a Trane.”

Commercial Cooling: How SSI is Keeping Northern Virginia Businesses Cool This Summer

Don't make your employees sweat out the summer. Get your commercial air conditioner maintained now.

Picture yourself on a Thursday afternoon sitting at your desk, working hard to meet a Friday deadline.  It has already been a long week, but you have accomplished a lot.

Buying a New Home in Northern Virginia? Get a Visible Plumbing Inspection First!

Visible plumbing inspections help new homeowners focus on what matters.


Moving is exhausting and expensive.  You can hire professional movers, home inspectors, and professional contractors to inspect, remodel or re-design your new home, but the details are still seemingly endless.

Summer Air Conditioning Emergencies – What to Do When They Happen to You

Air conditioning repairs are an emergency in the summer

We all love the feeling of walking into our home or office on a hot day and feeling the pleasant cooling effects of air conditioning. 

Choosing the Right Plunger for the Job

Clogged drains and toilets need the right toilet plunger

You woke up late.  You're trying to get the kids out the door for school and get yourself to work.  You are obviously in a huge hurry.  You go to brush your teeth before you leave, and… oh, no. 

The drain is clogged.

Or worse, you flush the toilet and it doesn’t drain—it starts to overflow!

Do You Need a New Air Conditioner? Find Out How We Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your System

Repair or Replace a Broken Air Conditioner

Finally!  Summer is here… flowers in full bloom, outdoor barbeques, the kids are out of school.

Oh, and the hot, humid, sweltering days.

We have emerged from the dark, cold winter.  We have enjoyed the cool spring.  The heat of summer has arrived, so you go to turn on your air conditioning for the first time all year, and… nothing.

Seasonal Maintenance: What we do and how it keeps you safe and saves you money

Spring Maintenance Keeps Your AC Running Smoothly

It is easy to take your heating and air conditioning systems for granted—that is, until the weather turns scorching hot or freezing cold and they aren’t working properly.

Is Your Toilet Running? Better Go Catch It!

Call a plumber to fix your running toilet in Northern Virginia

We’ve all experienced it… your toilet flushes and refills just fine, but then it won’t stop running.  Or perhaps it stops running, only to start again in a few minutes, and it does so over and over.

The running sound gets annoying.  It wastes water.  Worst of all, it’s not good for the toilet.

But is the jiggle-the-handle trick the best way to stop it?


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