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Hard Water: Issues That It Causes and How To Prevent It


While hard water isn’t going to cause health issues, it can create some pretty expensive plumbing problems. What makes hard water unique is that it has a high mineral content, and the magnesium and calcium create mineral deposits that stick to pipes and other areas of your home. It can be tough to detect when you have a problem because the effects are slow, and you may not notice the deterioration it's causing.  

It’s Summertime! Should I Be Concerned About the Air Filter?

During those hot summer months, your air conditioning is working hard to keep you cool. And this might make you wonder, should you be concerned about your air filter? Of course, you should be factoring your air filter into your HVAC maintenance routine during all seasons, but summertime does require a little extra attention. Here are a few tips that will keep your AC unit working in prime conditioning so that you can enjoy spending time indoors beating the heat. 

Fix Your Plumbing Now Before Your Money Goes Down the Drain

So many of us are guilty of letting minor plumbing issues slip to the bottom of the to-do list – that is until something goes drastically wrong. Luckily, by taking a few proactive measures, you can actually save yourself some money and time (and a lot of headaches). Here's a checklist of what you can do to ensure your plumbing is working in prime condition.

Identify areas that need attention – and fix them

I’m going on vacation, what should I set my thermostat to?

When we think of vacations, we lean towards thoughts of relaxation and ocean waves. We often leave out the part right beforehand when we’re running around like mad people packing and getting our home prepped for time spent away.

One question that will often pop in our minds is: what should I set my thermostat to when I'm going on vacation? Here we dig into thermostat settings, so you return to a comfortable home and lower energy bill.

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