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Common Mistakes that can Ruin Your Plumbing

We've all made quick fixes and mistakes when it comes to plumbing, whether we are rushing out the door and toss that bacon grease in the garbage disposal, or it's the weekend, and we don't want to pay for emergency services even though the toilet hasn’t stopped running for two days. However, these common mistakes can actually do a bit of damage to your plumbing. Here we list a few of the top mishaps to avoid so that you don’t ruin your pipes and plumbing components.

Don’t Let Plumbing Repairs Wait – Here’s Why!

Most people have visited or lived in a home where the plumbing isn't up to standards. Whether you're limited on shower time because the water heater isn't working properly, you have to jiggle a component to flush the toilet, or you just avoid a water source all together like the deep sink in the laundry room because it leaks, you should call the pros for a plumbing repair. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't wait when you're alerted to a plumbing problem.

Heating Inspections from a Quality HVAC Contractor

You can head off some pretty expensive HVAC troubles when you have your system inspected yearly, or at the first sign of weakness. While keeping up with at-home inspections and care like filter changes and debris removal will help reduce those costly repairs, you'll need to complement these efforts with professional maintenance and service calls for the strongest prevention methods. Here's what you can expect when you call an HVAC contractor.

Plumbing Services You Can Count On!

No one likes to hear they have a leaky sink or that the water heater went out or that a clog is developing. Let's face it – no one wants to have to call a plumber because this will take time and money, and most of us aren’t sure what the diagnosis will be. However, when you enlist our team at SSI, we make the process easy on you by being straightforward with flat rate pricing, showing up when we say we will, and using our experience to get the problem resolved, so that you can get back to your day.

7 Tips on Hiring the Best HVAC Contractor

When you invest in an HVAC unit, you’re investing in the comfort of your living and working space, as well as a piece of equipment that will keep your energy bills low and your air quality high. However, your heating and cooling systems are only going to be as good as the contractor you hire to install, repair, and maintain them. Here are 7 tips so that you hire the best HVAC contractor that provides convenient and quality services each and every time.

Join Our Plumbing Team at SSI!

If you’re a skilled plumber that is ready to join a top-notch team of hardworking and fun-loving professionals, then SSI is the place for you! We respect our employees and customers, and always aim to do right by both. We’re currently looking for great plumbers to be part of our reputable company, and below is a little bit of information so that you can decide if we would be the right fit for you.


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