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Why it is More Cost Effective to Replace Your Whole HVAC System Instead of Just One Part?

Whether you own a home or business, maintaining comfortable temperatures and clean indoor air quality is going to be essential to your health and peace of mind. Of course, we all want to be able to achieve these goals within our budget. While it may seem like the least expensive route to take when your HVAC system isn’t working properly is to get a quick AC repair, there are a few times when replacing your whole unit will make more sense. Here are a few reasons why a complete HVAC system replacement is going to be more cost effective than replacing one part.

How Yearly Maintenance Can Prolong Your Water Heater

Your water heater often sits out of the way and goes unnoticed until there is a problem such as having your shower time shorten because the hot water runs out – and no one likes being surprised with a burst of cold water in the shower! In some cases, the water heater will simply be at the end of its lifespan while other will require a repair.

Why You Should Avoid Store Bought Drain Cleaners

When the kitchen sink is draining slowly, or the bathtub is stopped up altogether, your first instinct may be to add a drain cleaner to your list to the grocery store. And while this may seem like a simple solution when your drains need to be cleared and the options for products are endless, you should think twice before making that purchase. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid store bought drain cleaners and what you should do in place of them.

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

It can be bothersome when you notice that your air conditioner is making loud noises. Sounds from rattling to clinking to banging can let you know something is not right, and in some cases, you will be able to detect the issue and correct it yourself and others you will need to bring in air conditioning technicians. Here are a few reasons why your air conditioner can get loud and what you can do to fix it.

Myths About Your AC that May Cost You More Money

Owning a heating and cooling unit is an investment in your home and comfort, and it takes a little money in repairs and service calls from time to time to keep it working in prime condition. However, there are a few instances that homeowners overspend on this piece of equipment when the could be saving money. Here we look at a few myths about your AC system that may be costing you unnecessary money.

When to Repair Versus Replace your HVAC System

With summer on the way and temperatures guaranteed to keep getting hotter, your HVAC system is going to need to be working in prime condition to ensure you stay comfortable inside. While heating and air conditioning systems are reliable and have longevity when you have a quality company complete the installation and regularly maintain your unit, just like any piece of equipment, there will come a time when the wear and tear finally get to it. Here, we go into detail about when you should consider a repair, or when it is time to get a new HVAC system.


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