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How a Humidifier Can Save You This Winter

With the winter weather comes the dry air that can wreak havoc on our sinuses, skin, and the comfort level of our living space (among other things). Having a plan for adding moisture to the air will help combat a lot of issues that come during this time of year, and a humidifier is going to be one of the top choices. Here are a few ways that incorporating a humidifier into your home can save you this winter and give you the comfort that you're craving all season long. 

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Hard Water: Issues That It Causes and How To Prevent It


While hard water isn’t going to cause health issues, it can create some pretty expensive plumbing problems. What makes hard water unique is that it has a high mineral content, and the magnesium and calcium create mineral deposits that stick to pipes and other areas of your home. It can be tough to detect when you have a problem because the effects are slow, and you may not notice the deterioration it's causing.  


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