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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Furnace Maintenance

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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with Furnace Maintenance

Fall is almost over. The colder temperatures, shorter days, and piles of leaves on lawns means that it’s time to fully settle in and prepare your home for the cold winter months ahead. If the past few winters have been any indication—you’ll need to have your snow shovels ready and your home’s heating system ready to go.

We know that you probably realize it’s important to go through a safety checklist and get your home and snow-clearing supplies in order before the big storms hit, but you may be missing a vital step in your winter-preparedness checklist: checking your furnace—and not just to make sure it will work properly all winter.

The hidden danger in your furnace

Like many homeowners, you probably have heard about the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, and hopefully, you have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. However, what you may not know is that the best way to prevent carbon monoxide leaks is to go straight to the source of a common carbon monoxide leakage point—your furnace. That’s right. Did you know that carbon monoxide leaks can start in the heat exchanger of your furnace?

A silent, odorless poison

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless poison that, in high levels, can kill a person in just minutes. According to a Carbon Monoxide Prevention factsheet, from Colorado State University, carbon monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning death in the U.S., claiming over 500 lives every year.

Carbon monoxide, in life-threatening levels, can be released in the home when there’s a crack in the heat exchanger; the heat exchanger becomes rusted; if there’s a blocked chimney; or if a blocked chimney flue prevents carbon monoxide from being released from the home. Carbon monoxide can also be released if a top-range vent doesn’t properly vent, and the backdrafting of dangerous gases circulates throughout the home.

Be proactive with regularly scheduled furnace maintenance

Before winter fully sets in, and your furnace runs steadily, take the simple step of getting your furnace inspected. A simple winter inspection will check your furnace to ensure that it is working in a safe and efficient manner, and, most importantly, check for cracked or rusted heat exchangers.

Take advantage of our winter-maintenance offer

At SSI, your safety is paramount to us. We want to make sure that no dangerous gases leak into your home, and we want to ensure that your heating system keeps you warm all season long. Find out about our winter specials and schedule a furnace inspection today.

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