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Why Homeowners Should Replace their Trane Heating & Cooling Systems Now

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

It’s easy to put off replacing your heating or cooling system even when you’re experiencing the tell-tale symptoms of discomfort, such as rising energy bills, high repair bills, and lack of temperature control. Maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your system by quite a bit, but at some point its time will be up.

If your heating or air conditioning system is nearing retirement, you’ll know it. Here are some of the telltale signs you might need to consider either replacing certain heating or cooling equipment or taking measures to improve the performance of your system, according to Energy Star:

  • Your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old.
  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old.
  • Your equipment needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up.
  • Some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold.
  • Your home has humidity problems.
  • Your home has excessive dust.
  • Your heating or cooling system is noisy.

Now is the Time to Replace Your Trane HVAC System

If you own a Trane heating or cooling system, or are considering a new system for your home there’s no better time than now. Starting August 15th, 2012 customers can choose one of these great offers: 3-year interest free financing with equal payments on all Trane XLi heating and air conditioning systems OR up to a $1,250 rebate on select Trane XLi systems. Call (703) 968-0606 or request service now at

*Expires 10.31.2012. Residential only. On approved systems only. Call for details, special limitations apply. Not to be combined with any offers.

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