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Don’t Let Your HVAC System Fall Victim to a Power Surge

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Did you know your HVAC system can be harmed (even destroyed) by power surges? Thunder and lightning storms are common occurrences here on the East Coast, and along with all of that rain and noise, we frequently receive power surges. Most people purchase power surge protectors for computers and TVs, but not everyone realizes that power surges can damage your HVAC system, leaving your home without heat or air conditioning (not fun when temperatures are extreme!).

First off, let’s define “power surge”

Before we get too deep into how to protect your HVAC system from a power surge, it’s worth spending some time on what exactly a power surge is, what causes them, and what they affect.

External versus Internal Power Surges:

An external power surge is cause by things such as lightning, downed power lines, or even cars or animals taking down power poles. Large power surges tend to be the most damaging. An external power surge is a variation in the electrical voltage that supplies your house—and it doesn’t need to last long to be damaging. In fact, it can take just 1/100th of a second for a power surge to cause damage. External power surges tend to be thousands of volts.

An internal power surge happens on a daily basis, and, over time, these small power surges can wear down your appliances—including your HVAC system.

What Can a Power Surge Do to Your Heating and Air Conditioning System?

Your HVAC unit, like your refrigerator, TV, or computer, depends on a steady flow of electricity to keep it going. Even when “shut off,” electricity is fed to the unit, and a powerful surge can overwhelm the unit. Your heating and cooling system, during an external power surge, can immediately break down, or, over time, everyday internal power surges can wear down your system.

Fortunately, you can save your home from a sudden “winter freeze” caused by a power surge breaking your system, and over the life of your system, you can protect it from wear-and-tear. How? A simple surge protection system for your heating and cooling system will make a world of a difference.

Install your surge protection system today and protect your investment.

Your heating and cooling system is one of those home essentials that isn’t fully appreciated until it breaks. Contact us today and let us install a surge protection unit for your HVAC system, so that you can have peace-of-mind next time lightning strikes … or you turn on your computer.

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