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Post “Derecho” Storm Air Conditioning Service Calls. Now Servicing Northern Virginia Residents.

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Post “Derecho” Storm Air Conditioning Service Calls. Now Servicing Northern Virginia Residents.

The rare storm hitting Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. that is known as a “Derecho” has left hundreds of thousands of people out of power in the past recent days, and there was a time when more than 1 million people suffered from power outages. According to ABC News, the rest of Northern Virginia should have their power back by the end of the week which means that your air conditioning should be back up and running by that time as well – barring it hasn’t been damaged by some sort of power outage.

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One very common problem after large storms like the “Derecho” that just hit Northern Virginia and Washington DC are air conditioning capacitors going bad. A capacitor is very much needed for each major motor running in your air conditioning unit system. Many outdoor units have what is called is a compressor – something that very commonly needs service when it breaks down in the summer time. However what most people don’t know as that this problem can easily be avoided with a little bit of maintenance every now and so often. There is also the fan that spins on top of outdoor unit that is called the condenser motor and the blower motor which usually can be found inside of your home.

A Few Tips About How Your AC Units Operate in the Extreme Heat of Northern Virginia

A very common myth that has to do with AC units is that people believe that your units should be able to cool your home at your desired temperature no matter how hot it is outside. This is just not the case and a lot of time Service Specialties Inc receives questions like: Why isn’t my air conditioning going below 77 degrees?

Air conditioners are not designed to efficiently cool houses when the temperature is over 100 degrees outside. Your house is usually just not a good enough insulator against the heat and air conditioners are made to maintain about 75 degrees when it is 95 degrees outside. Anything over and your AC will have a very hard time maintaining 77 degrees.

All this being said it is best that your air conditioning is up and running as fast as possible this week. Heat is one of the biggest causes of death when it comes to weather related deaths, and making sure your air conditioning capacitor is up and ready to go should be a major concern. Call Service Specialties Inc. today to repair any damages done to your AC from power outages from the storm or capacitor gone bad.

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