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The Looming Problem of the Uninsured HVAC and Plumbing Contractors

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The Looming Problem of the Uninsured HVAC and Plumbing Contractors

There are many ways to get a job done on your property and many seemingly qualified people available to do it. Many HVAC and plumbing service providers are willing to do work, even of a high-quality and complicated nature, at a reduced rate. They’re often unlicensed or uninsured, yes, but cheap and available.

Savings at What Price?

The old saying, “Pay a little now, or a lot later” comes to mind with regards to contractors who cut corners. Unlicensed contractors rarely carry any kind of insurance, and a growing number of legitimate contractors carry no liability or workman’s comp insurance whatsoever. So what are the dangers for you, the home owner, in allowing someone without proper insurance coverage (if any at all!) to work on your property?

  1. Injury to the contractor or other workers
    If the person doing work for you, or anyone they employ to help, is injured on your property, and they are not carrying workman’s comp insurance, YOU as the homeowner are responsible for all medical bills and resulting litigation from injuries. This is true even if the contractor has insurance, but one of his employees does not. Your homeowner’s or liability insurance policy will rarely pick up this claim. Needless to say, the cost from just one accident can be catastrophic, resulting in years of litigation and potential economic ruin.
  2. Damage to your property
    If any damage occurs to any part of your property during the work, or if substandard work fails and causes subsequent damage, again you are liable for all work and repairs if the contractor does not carry liability insurance. The work is often cheaper on the front end, but as soon as something goes wrong, which it often does, you are left holding the bill for the extra damage done as well as the work that was never completed properly to begin with. Frustrating and expensive!
  3. Damage to other’s property
    Not as frequently anticipated, but often a very costly outcome, is damage to a third person’s property. An unlicensed or improperly insured contractor passes the liability to you when their negligent damage is done to a neighbor, his property, or even a passer-by. Again, you are the one responsible if they choose not to be.

Hire Plumbing and HVAC Contractors Wisely

Be sure to hire a licensed, bonded, and properly insured contractor for your AC and plumbing installations, repair, and service. At SSI, we take no shortcuts. As a Northern Virginia HVAC contractor for over 30 years, we’re properly licensed and insured, and our employees are background checked and drug tested. Plus we have Nate certified technicians and our staff receives ongoing training to stay ahead of the curve.

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