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Keep Your Business Cool This Summer, and Keep Your Customers Coming Back

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Summer can bring sweltering temperatures in the Northern Virginia area. If you own a business, outdoor heat creates a challenge to maintaining a comfortable and productive interior workspace. Whether they’re part of a small retail shop or a large office building, the HVAC systems that cool the air during summer are critical to work space performance and enjoyment. SSI has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in commercial HVAC maintenance and design and can help you with this crucial aspect of your business.

What is the ideal temperature for businesses to keep their commercial spaces during the summer? The goal is for employees to be comfortable and productive, and for customers to be happy and excited to return. There are several factors that determine ideal indoor temperatures for commercial spaces, with the most important being what kind of business you have.

Some business locations require significantly more cooling than others. Athletic facilities and hospitals require lower temperatures to operate effectively than office buildings or churches do. A basic analysis of your business should be done to fully understand your HVAC needs during the warmer months of the year. SSI has commercial HVAC engineering and design experts who can help you with this task. 

So, what is the ideal temperature? Most office, school and retail spaces should be kept at a temperature ranging from 71°F and 74°F. These temperatures have been shown in studies to be the most comfortable for your employees and for your customers. Productivity levels seem to be highest at these temperatures as well. 

Spaces such as hospitals, gyms, data centers and computer rooms generally need to be kept cooler. These types of commercial users require lower temperatures for many reasons related to their specialized use. Ideal temperatures for these specialized users can range from 55°F to 68°F, are typically set by industry standards related to their needs. 

Have additional questions about your office HVAC? Contact SSI today, and let us make you feel more comfortable.

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