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Summertime Tips for Reducing Humidity in Your Home

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Anyone who has spent a summer day in Washington DC or Northern Virginia knows what humidity feels like: the thick, heavy air that leaves your skin wet and your clothes sticking to your body. But high humidity (or water vapor), is not limited to the great outdoors, nor is it limited to the summer months. If not properly monitored, moisture levels in the home can also creep up, providing a breeding ground for allergens that make you cough, sneeze, and feel fatigued.

SSI recommends keeping the humidity levels in your home to below 50 percent. This will keep molds and dust at bay, without drying out the air completely – or your skin and furniture. High moisture in the home can cause decay in your home. Pests are also drawn to water, so a home with increased humidity levels can be soliciting some uninvited guests.

If you suspect you may have an issue, SSI can quickly and effectively assess the environment to determine the exact humidity levels in your home. There are steps you can take to bring the water levels in your home into balance. An indoor humidity meter can provide ongoing monitoring of the air. Proper ventilation in areas like the attic or bathroom is critical for drying out excess moisture. Install and run fans in these areas, and have them inspected periodically to ensure that they are working effectively. Consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier to pull excess water from the air. An expert from SSI can also evaluate your air conditioner, to be sure that it is sized correctly for your home so that your house gives you a break from the humidity, not more of it!

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