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Going into a Dry Season – A Home Humidifier Can Help

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Going into a Dry Season – A Home Humidifier Can Help

Winter is on its way, and with it colder weather. The change in temperature also brings a change in humidity. Your air conditioner keeps your home cool and comfortable by dehumidifying it during the summer months. Reducing the high humidity discourages dampness and mold from growing. Your furnace will also dry out the air as it is heated and then distributed to your home. However, winter air is already dry. Drying it out further creates air that is not humid enough for your home and your health.

The Mayo Clinic recommends humidity rates in your home between 30 and 50 percent as ideal. Overly dry air can contribute to multiple problems. Dry homes are more likely to have various joints and caulk likes separate and crack. Wood floors can begin to gap as the moisture is pulled from the air. Paint and wallpaper can crack and peel. Static electricity also builds up, creating issues for you and the electronics in your house. Your health is affected too. Dry lips, skin and eyes develop when the air is too dry. Sinus tissue can become dry and make you more likely to become sick or have headaches. Any dry skin condition, such as eczema, will worsen without adequate humidity. A whole house humidifier installed directly on your furnace can help you solve these problems and stay healthier and more comfortable this winter.

Whole home humidifiers are installed directly onto your furnace. Moisture is added to the heated air in various ways depending on the kind of humidifier you choose. It is important that a homeowner choose the right kind of humidifier for their type of furnace. It is also important to choose the right size humidifier for your house and system. These factors all play a role in efficiently and properly humidifying your air. The professionals at SSI are trained to examine your system and home to make the best recommendations for the type of humidifier to install. Once you choose a unit, they can provide quick and professional service that you can count on. 

Make sure you don’t neglect this important issue for your home and health this winter. This small investment will not only protect your home and the investments you have made in it, but it will also keep you healthier and more comfortable this winter.

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