Using a Thermostat with Advanced Technology to Reduce Energy Costs

controlling home using a tabletYour energy bill is soaring and you need to make sure that you keep it as low as possible, but how can you do that?

There are several different ways to cut the cost of your energy bill, including not letting the family turn on the heating until everyone is freezing cold, and manually turning off the heat at set times of the day or night... but we don’t recommend that!

If you’re looking for a more socially acceptable way to control heating in the home, then you need to think about using thermostats with advanced technology to reduce energy costs.

How do these thermostats work? Here are some of the best examples to help you find the answer.

Smart thermostats

The best way to take control of your heating is with a smart thermostat. These are usually connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or broadband, allowing homeowners to control the heat wherever they are.

You don't have to just use it as a way of managing heat when you're in the home. Think of the possibilities: with a smartphone, you can manage these smart thermostats even when you are on holiday. With a suitable app, you can make the thermostat talk to you at work, on the bus, or out at a restaurant.

The thermostat responds to your commands, allowing you to control features such as programming, heating power on/off, and other functions. This means that if you have set up the thermostat expecting a cold day, and it turns out to be sunny, you can flick a switch to turn off that extra heat.

Educated Thermostats

The relative of the smart thermostat is the educated version. This does more than just respond to your commands for a particular event; it actually learns what you want.  It does this through an interview-style setting that asks questions about lifestyle, heat usage, and previous programs.

With the educated thermostat, you can set a schedule, telling the thermostat where you will be on a particular day, and what your heating needs are. The thermostat will respond with the right amount of heat according to that schedule. Of course, if you have a very complex schedule, it might take the thermostat a while, but it will get there in the end, and you will have control of your heating.

Surveillance thermostats

Sometimes, it isn't enough just to let the thermostat obey your commands remotely, you want to make sure that it is doing what you ask, when you ask it to. The perfect solution to this demand is the monitoring thermostat.

Like all of the versions here, that thermostat is attached to Wi-Fi, so that you can contact in whenever you like. What is different with this is that you can look to see what the thermostat is doing, and whether the house is being heated to your demands.

Having smart thermostats can help you to take control of your heating, and this can help you to save money. These smart thermostats make turning heating on and off, even away from home, a much easier task.

When you want to make the most out of your heating, smart thermostats are the best solution. Contact us today to learn more about installing a modern thermostat in your home.


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