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4 Signs You Need a New Furnace

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4 Signs You Need a New Furnace

We often don’t think about getting a new furnace in the summer time. It’s once the winter months come along that we realize our furnace isn’t performing like it used to, or we start to notice those visual signs of aging. If you’re wondering if it’s time for a new furnace, here are four signs that will let you know.

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#1: You require spur of the moment repairs.

There are those repairs that you can plan and schedule an appointment at your convenience for, and then there are those repairs that need to happen right now. When you have to call for emergency repairs for your furnace multiple times in a two year time frame, it’s probably time to accept the fact that you’re due for a new one.

Not only will your new furnace perform beautifully, but you won’t feel that extra tension that can occur when you’re worried about your HVAC unit functioning properly. 

#2: Your home is uncomfortable, even with the system running.

No matter how you set your thermostat, your house is never quite warm enough throughout. Maybe your upstairs feels great while your downstairs is freezing. Perhaps the system is doing its job, but it sounds like someone is throwing pipes around every time it turns on. You may have major issues with your duct work that prevent the warm air from reaching your entire home, or there may be an issue with your insulation failing to do its job. But you might also be the victim of a failing furnace. 

#3: Your bills are big (and getting bigger).

You’ll start to notice that you need a new furnace if your energy bills are getting larger. As the weather changes outside, and you adjust your temperature, your HVAC unit is going to be working a little harder. But when it isn’t operating in prime condition, it will have to work extra hard, thus raising your energy cost. A new furnace will have the latest energy efficient designs that are built to conserve energy and save you money.

#4: Your furnace is older than ten years.

You’ll hear different recommendation about what age you should replace your furnace. Some say fifteen years while other groups such as the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy say that every ten years is a better timeframe. The recommendation of ten years has to do with the energy savings you can get with newer designs of HVAC units.

You also get savings because you won’t have to spend money on the repairs that come with owning a unit as it ages past a decade. With the different variables factored in, the upfront cost may seem like a lot, but the savings of getting a new unit when your old one reaches ten, pays for itself, and then some. In many cases, convenient financing with approved credit and other offers are available to help you pay off your new system over time, without adding interest to the initial cost. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether you need a new furnace or not, get in touch with the experienced technicians at SSI. We have the trained eye to let you know if your unit still has some longevity left, or if it’s time to treat yourself to a newer model.

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