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The Importance of Keeping Your HVAC Unit Free of Debris

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Just like owning a home, owning an HVAC unit means you’ll have to do a little routine hvac system maintenance from time to time. And it’s important that you keep your HVAC unit free of debris, or you may end up replacing it sooner than you hoped. Here are a few tips on how to keep your unit free of debris and why it’s so important for the comfort of your home. 

HVAC snow

Understand why debris is bad for your HVAC unit

The first step in keeping your HVAC unit free of debris is to understand why it’s bad for your unit. The outside and inside components of the unit work harmoniously to give you the comfortable temperature you desire inside.

When one of those parts are clogged and unable to let air circulate through, you’ll have bad airflow and end up with a higher energy bill than you’re used to. You can also damage specific components of the unit, as well as contribute dirty or pollinated air into your home instead of well-filtered air.

Schedule time on your calendar

At least once a week, you should schedule the time to go to your outside unit and remove debris such as leaves, acorns, grass clippings, branches, and dirt build up. Keep your landscape tidy around your unit by trimming bushes often and mowing away from the base, so it doesn’t collect grass clippings.

Also, work to prevent dogs and other animals from urinating on the unit to protect it from rust and corrosion. Schedule time to check and change the air filter inside your home as well as to remove the extra debris that can collect and slow down the airflow. Don’t push these tasks to the bottom of your to-do list either, make sure you commit the time you schedule, and your unit will thank you (so will your wallet).

Pay attention to your HVAC unit

You want to know exactly how your HVAC unit sounds when it’s working properly, so you can recognize when it isn’t. Different sounds and airflow changes can alert you to larger issues that you can be proactive in caring for.

You’ll also find there are times during the year when you can give your unit a rest. You don’t have to have it running at all times, especially when you have the windows and doors open. When you spot an opportunity to give your unit a break, go ahead and take it.

Make an appointment with your HVAC specialist

While you can do routine maintenance throughout the seasons, you should also have a professional service your unit once a year. Even when you work diligently to keep your HVAC unit clean, you’ll still have some debris slip by you and start to build up.

When you want to prevent your unit from suffering damages and performing poorly due to debris, give the team at SSI a call. Our friendly and experienced staff will inspect and service your HVAC unit to ensure it’s running seamlessly. We also welcome any questions you have about keeping your HVAC unit clean.

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