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Space Heater Dangers: Reasons to Avoid Using a Space Heater This Winter

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Space Heater Dangers: Reasons to Avoid Using a Space Heater This Winter

Space heaters are known for being cheaper to run than central heating. Enabling you to heat up one room at a time, they are frequently used in the cold winter months. However, while they can be great at providing additional heat when you need it, they do come with a number of dangers. Below you’ll discover the top reasons why you might want to avoid using a space heater this winter.

Risk of fire and accidents

The number one reason you should avoid using a space heater is because they are potentially dangerous. They pose quite a high fire risk, and you need to be really vigilant when using them. Anything that can burn should always be kept at least three feet away from the heater. However, even if you follow this advice, accidents can happen. It is easy to trip up over the heater. If you have children and pets they can also easily knock it over or injure themselves.

Another potential risk comes if you haven’t plugged the heater in properly. If the plug isn’t securely in the socket, it could also cause a fire. Overall, space heaters are dangerous to use and they actually account for 32% of home heating fires. It’s amazing just how hazardous these portable heaters are.

Constant supervision is needed

Due to the high risk of accidents and fire, when you use the space heater you need to constantly keep an eye on it. You should never leave them on when you aren’t in the room. They should also be turned off at night before you go to bed. It’s easy to forget to keep an eye on the heater and that’s when problems occur.

A nightmare for your skin

Winter brings a lot of trouble for the skin. Have you noticed your skin becomes dry, red and flaky in the cold weather? Part of the reason is because of the additional heating you use in the home. Space heaters dry out the air in the room, leading to various skin problems. A humidifier can help to add moisture to the air, but it’s a much better idea to limit your use of space heaters if you want nice glowing skin.

They aren’t always energy efficient

You would think that space heaters would be more energy efficient than your main heating system. However, this isn’t the case. While some newer models are designed with energy efficiency in mind, you’d be surprised by just how much energy they use in an hour. This isn’t just bad news for your energy bills, it’s also bad for the environment too.

The best way to avoid using a dangerous space heater is to get your furnace checked by an hvac professional. Our experts are able to look at your existing set-up, your furnace’s performance, and the insulation in your home to determine the best way to maintain comfortable temperatures without running a portable heater.

Contact us to have your home heating system evaluated – and improved – today!

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