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Tips for Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Healthy This Winter

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Tips for Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Healthy This Winter

Big winter meals can be filled with joy, laughter and love. However, they can also be really stressful and hectic. Unless you are properly prepared, all kinds of things can go wrong. One thing you don’t often think about in the build up to having a big dinner is your garbage disposal. Think about it. You will be spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals and baking up delicious treats. This puts a lot of pressure onto your garbage disposal unit.

While you may think it can handle anything you throw at it, the garbage disposal does have its limits. The last thing you need is for the disposal system to pack up during one of the busiest times of the year. Below you’ll discover some of the best tips to keep your garbage disposal healthy and fully functioning this winter.

Beware of vegetable peelings

While the garbage disposal is designed to tackle food waste, there are some things it will struggle with. Do you know what food waste you should and shouldn’t put in the disposal? Stringy vegetables for example, are something you shouldn’t put down there. This is because they can get caught up in the motor and clog up the system. Every great meal requires a lot of fresh vegetables. Just be aware that potato peelings, kale, asparagus and artichokes should be disposed of separately. It would be a better idea to put your vegetable peelings into a compost or recycling bin.

Never pour grease, fat or oil into the system

This one is a pretty obvious tip, though it is easy to forget in the stress of planning a big dinner. The trouble is, when you pour hot liquid down the drain, it solidifies as it cools down. This will clog up and potentially break the garbage disposal unit.

Cut up large pieces of food waste

It may take a little more time, but it is recommended you cut up any large pieces of food waste before you put it into the disposal. Also be sure to put them in one piece at a time. This will prevent the system from jamming and clogging up.

Regularly clean the disposal after use

When you do use the disposal system, be sure to clean it afterwards. You should also run cold water into the system as you use it. Then once you’ve finished, run some hot soapy water to clean it each day. 

Listen out for strange noises

There are a few signs to look out for that will alert you to any potential jamming problem. If the disposal makes a humming sound when you switch it on, it means it isn’t grinding. Switch the system off from the mains and see if there is any sign of a problem. If there isn’t you may need to call an expert out to have a look at it.

Overall garbage disposal problems can be a nightmare in your kitchen. Following the tips above will help to reduce the chances of anything going wrong. Of course, it is also a good idea to ensure the disposal is maintained regularly throughout the year.

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