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Buying a New Home in Northern Virginia? Get a Visible Plumbing Inspection First!

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Moving is exhausting and expensive.  You can hire professional movers, home inspectors, and professional contractors to inspect, remodel or re-design your new home, but the details are still seemingly endless.

As you are moving in, you want to focus on how to arrange your furniture, where to hang pictures, and how to get situated and settled as quickly as possible.  After all, that is the silver lining when moving—having the opportunity to make yourself comfortable in a new space.

What is the last thing you want to think about?  Probably plumbing.

Northern Virginia experiences freezing cold temperatures in the winter, and high heat and humidity in the summer.  These temperature swings can cause pipes to freeze and crack, or they can cause valves and seals to expand and leak.

Home inspectors tend to look at the obvious things that may be wrong with your new house, but they do not usually dive into the details.  And most of them are certainly not trained plumbers.

Who knows what kind of damage to the plumbing system the previous owner may have left behind?

A Visible Plumbing Inspection from Service Specialties, Inc. can tell you.

Okay, so what is a visible plumbing inspection?

A visible plumbing inspection takes a thorough look at all of the above-ground components of your new house’s plumbing system.  These components include fixtures, inlet pipes, drainage pipes and waste disposal systems. 

But it is not just a visual inspection of these components as the name implies.  We also pressure test your pipes to check for failures in your plumbing system that may not be clearly visible.  This way, we can get a good understanding of the integrity of your entire plumbing system without having to dig up your entire front and back yards.

We may find leaks, cracks, blockages or other problems that, if not fixed, may cause you more serious problems such as floods or inconvenient backups in the future.  We may also find that your fixtures are worn out or malfunctioning, requiring maintenance or replacement.

Finding these problems early on can save lots of money down the line.  When you are just moving into a new home, you are not accustomed to the little quirks of an unfamiliar plumbing system.  What may seem normal may actually present a serious problem.

After our inspection, we will give you a comprehensive report on our findings with recommendations on what maintenance or repairs are needed.

Who do I call?

Book your appointment with a dependable plumbing inspector from Service Specialties, Inc. in Northern Virginia.  You can call us at (703) 968-0606.  You can also book your appointment online by filling out this online form.

One of our friendly plumbing experts will inspect your new home, report what they find, and consult with you on what actions you need to take next.  Contact us now to avoid the headache of costly repairs as you are moving into your new home.

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