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Commercial Cooling: How SSI is Keeping Northern Virginia Businesses Cool This Summer

employee walks into another employee smelling his arm pitPicture yourself on a Thursday afternoon sitting at your desk, working hard to meet a Friday deadline.  It has already been a long week, but you have accomplished a lot.

But earlier that day, the air conditioning went out, and it is now 90+ degrees in the office, and you can hardly type a word on your computer without a drop of sweat falling from your forehead onto your keyboard.

Or perhaps you own a retail store.  You have the most appealing products and the best prices of any comparable store around.  And this weekend is the time for your largest annual sale!  You have been planning and preparing for months to have hundreds of customers walk into your store, taking their time to pick out just the right products.

But your air conditioning is not working.  Customers walk into your store only to walk out minutes later, overwhelmed by the heat.

Do both of those sound like nightmare scenarios?  They should.

Happy, comfortable employees are more productive.  Happy, comfortable customers buy more things.  Your business simply cannot afford for the air conditioning to go out during the brutal summer months.

Preventing the nightmare

Losing critical hours of work or customer traffic through your store due to an air conditioning failure is completely preventable.

Prevention starts with seasonal inspections and maintenance.  Service Specialties, Inc. can save your business time, profits and headaches by inspecting your heating and air conditioning systems each fall and spring to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency and to discover any potential problems before they become serious.

In some cases, we may discover that your heating and air conditioning systems are outdated and are in need of replacement.  If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it is probably a good idea to replace it.  Although it is a larger cost up front, replacing an old air conditioner with a new, energy efficient unit will save your business money on electrical bills and drastically cut down on the risk of an air conditioning emergency.

Other times, your older unit may just need some simple maintenance.  Service Specialties, Inc. can change your filters, replace parts and tune-up your system to keep your system running strong until it is time to replace it in a few years.

Good business

Service Specialties, Inc. has a proven track record of working with businesses in Northern Virginia.  We understand the importance of creating and maintaining a comfortable environment for both employees and customers.  At the same time, every business wants to keep expenses as low as possible.  Maintaining or replacing your heating and air conditioning systems can help with both.