Seasonal Maintenance: What we do and how it keeps you safe and saves you money

outdoor HVACIt is easy to take your heating and air conditioning systems for granted—that is, until the weather turns scorching hot or freezing cold and they aren’t working properly.

Even if the systems seem to be sufficiently heating or cooling your home or office, they may be operating inefficiently, causing them to run more frequently and for longer periods of time.  Inefficiencies lead to higher utility bills, and in some cases can be a health or fire hazard.

Health and safety risks

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems depend on electricity.  It is essential to check the level of electricity being drawn and for dirty or loose wire connections.  If electricity is not flowing properly, there can be serious damage to motors or other system parts, or worse, a fire! 

Similarly, dirt buildup or insufficient lubrication can cause fans, motors, or other parts to function improperly, which can also lead to mechanical problems or fire.

If certain components such as the evaporator coil, condenser coil, or condenser pan and drain are dirty or moldy, airflow may be restricted, or unhealthy air may flow into the system and throughout your home.  Molds and other air particles can cause severe allergies or respiratory conditions.

One of the greatest risks is an improperly sealed core heat exchanger in your heating system.  If the seal is unsound, deadly gases can be released into your home.

Inefficiencies lead to higher costs

Many of the same problems that pose health and safety risks can also cause your HVAC systems to operate inefficiently. 

Air blockages, dirty components, loose connections and insufficient lubrication of all sorts will force the system to work harder to achieve the same heating or cooling result.  As the systems work harder, they draw more electricity or natural gas than is really necessary to properly heat or cool your home.

Additionally, forcing the systems to work harder leads to more rapid deterioration of various system components.  As components wear out, it can be very costly to replace them.  Sometimes, the entire system may need to be replaced with costs reaching into the thousands of dollars.

Taking very simple steps to ensure your HVAC systems are operating at maximum efficiency cuts down on utility costs and promotes the longevity of the system.

We keep you safe and save you money!

When you sign up for our Heating and Cooling Preventive Maintenance Program, we will inspect your systems each spring and fall to ensure your safety, lower your utility bills, and keep your indoor climate comfortable as extreme weather hits.

During our seasonal visits, we inspect your safety controls, thermostat, electrical components, condenser coils, system connections, mechanical parts, and other HVAC system components.  We will ensure the mechanical components are properly lubricated; replace or repair any worn out, dirty or damaged parts; and run tests to make sure the systems are running at maximum efficiency.

For a full list of our seasonal maintenance services, visit our Heating and Cooling Preventive Maintenance Program page.


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