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A Friendly Reminder: Power Through the Winter with a Whole House Generator

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Last Updated on: January 29, 2024

When you live in Northern Virginia, you know how brutal winter storms can be. And when they knock power out, you never know if it will be for hours, days, or weeks. By taking proactive measures and getting a whole-house generator installed before the winter weather settles in, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your family will be protected. Here are a few advantages you’ll enjoy when you have a whole-house generator to turn on when the weather knocks out your power.

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Whole house generators are easy to use

It’s almost impossible to predict when you’re going to suffer from a power outage, but here in Northern Virginia, it’s almost inevitable. In some instances, we luck out, and our homes aren’t affected, but other times we find ourselves stuck in the worst part of a storm.

A portable generator can be a hassle when your power goes out. If you don’t have it stored in a convenient place, haven’t checked the fuel levels in some time, or haven’t had to use it for awhile, it can be very unreliable. A whole-house generator doesn’t require any set-up and it automatically powers on when your power goes out. Your comfort won’t be compromised, and you won’t have to venture out in dangerous weather to get fuel because the whole-house generator is set up to run for as long as you need it.

Your home will remain functional

Some generators will only run the most important elements of your home such as a space heater and refrigerator. With a whole-home generator, you’ll still be able to enjoy watching your television, using your computer, and keeping your home running smoothly.

When a big storm comes through, it’s important not to lose your connection to the outside world. Being disconnected is dangerous during severe weather, especially for older people and people with small children. Understanding the size and capabilities of the weather coming our way can help us protect ourselves and those around us.

Your safety and comfort come first

When you have a generator installed in your home, your home will continue to be safe and comfortable throughout the worst winter weather. While many people are most concerned with small children and the elderly during winter power outages, even the healthiest people can be harmed depending on how long the outage lasts.

By using a whole-house generator, you won’t have to fuss with extension cords, fuel, moving heavy objects around so everything you need to plug in reaches, and creating more potential hazards. These risks can be easily avoided by investing in a generator that powers your entire home.

The installation is simple

When you decide to be proactive and have a whole-house generator installed, all you have to do is call SSI. Our expert technicians always take the time to find the right Generac Generator for the size of your home and the amount of electricity you use. Our professional installations are convenient and prompt, and when you need your whole-house generator serviced, we’re here for you.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how a whole-house generator can give you peace of mind this winter.

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