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April Showers Remind Us Why Sump Pumps are Essential for Northern VA Homes

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

If you live in an area predisposed to flooding, a sump pump is an absolute must. Not only is your homeowners and flood insurance likely to require it, but you will also be required to prove that it has been maintained.

However, even if you don’t live in a flood zone, those of us here in Northern Virginia know that hurricanes, nor’easters, and excessive snowfall can get the best of any basement under the right circumstances. Here are just a few reasons why your home might benefit from the installation of a sump pump:

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Your house has experienced flooding in the past. Flooding can be detrimental to your home and to your family’s health. It isn’t something to brush off, even after you’ve cleaned up the cause and moved on. A flooded home can have lasting damage from mold or mildew, causing serious health problems, not to mention damage to your foundation, walls, and belongings. If you’ve had one flood, it’s likely you’ll have another. Be prepared with a sump pump.

You have a finished basement or store valuables there. Most people don’t have an empty basement. Whether you use your basement for storage or have taken the time and effort to finish it as a living space, you should have a sump pump installed to prevent serious damage in case of a flood or severe leak. That way, if your basement floods, you will avoid major clean-up costs in addition to the cost of replacing valuable furniture, carpet, and possessions.

The soil around your foundation slopes in the wrong direction. Building on higher ground is great, but if the soil slopes toward your foundation, you could be in for a wet basement no matter how high you are. Investing in a sump pump is a wise decision.

Your home is built on hard soil, like clay. Certain types of soil drain faster than others. Clay tends to be one that holds on to water. (Remember, some Native American tribes used clay to form pots for moving water and storing foods). It’s not common for Northern Virginia homes to be built on clay, but if yours happens to be one that was, a sump pump will be essential to speeding up drainage around your property.

Once you decide that you need a sump pump, you’ll have to consider your risk level in assessing which type will best serve your home.

  • Sump pump with back-up pump: Install two sump pumps so that one is available if the other one fails. This is important for homes that are known to flood.
  • Pump with back-up battery: The kind of big storms that bring a lot of rain also tend to cause power outages. Make sure your sump pump can weather an outage by installing one with a battery back-up.
  • Water Powered Sump Pump: Never worry about a flooded basement with this sump pump, it runs off of the water pressure in your home. No battery needed, which means you never have to worry about a power failure.

A wise plumber once said, “There are two types of basements. Those that are wet and those that are going to become wet.” Proactively installing a sump pump can save your home and health in the long run, even if you think your home is dry.

Contact us to schedule a survey of your home to see which sump pump installation for your home would be best!

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