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How SSI Saved John’s Summer (and can save yours too!)

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How SSI Saved John’s Summer (and can save yours too!)

At one point or another, we’ve all been part of an air conditioning disaster whether it’s at home, work, or a location that we visited. And when you’re uncomfortable inside because the temp is too hot, then you just don’t function like normal. Your sleep is affected, and your mood is altered. It can make the simplest tasks like getting ready for work or cooking dinner downright miserable. So if you find yourself eating out for every meal to enjoy AC or hanging in the frozen food section at the grocery store to cool off, then it’s time to call in the experts. Take it from John, who tried to wait out that AC installation.

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Playing the waiting game

John’s life is busy (just like yours), and when his air conditioning went out, he thought that it just needed a break and possibly a quick repair. He also thought it would be easy to wait out this summer heat. So, to beat those extreme outdoor temperatures and continue with his family’s hectic schedule, he decided to retreat to the coolest spot in the house – the basement. For four days, he and his family tried to find relief standing in front of a fan. And it was brutal. 

When the experts at SSI came in and replaced his AC unit, he was finally relieved, and couldn’t believe that he didn’t call them in sooner. In fact, he realized during the four-day stay in the basement, that a simple inspection at the beginning of the season could have saved him a lot of hassle during the hottest part of the year. SSI met with John for a free estimate, gave him a few proposals of the things he was looking for in a new system, and was able to make his family comfortable in their own home as quickly as possible!

Don’t make the same mistake John did! Call in the experts at SSI as soon as you notice your HVAC unit isn’t working properly, or to just do a routine maintenance. Let one of our certified technicians inspect your system to ensure it’s ready to take on that summer heat, or the winter cold. Call now at (703) 968-0606!

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