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Tankless or Tank Water Heaters? Benefits & Disadvantages You Should Know

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Tankless or Tank Water Heaters? Benefits & Disadvantages You Should Know

When it comes to our homes, we always want to know if we are choosing the best product or service possible, for the best price available on the market.

Choosing Plumbing equipment can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. Here, we will illustrate the benefits and disadvantages of the Tankless versus the traditional Tank style water heaters.

Either of them could be the best option for your home. To find out what system would be perfect, get in contact with the SSI team for quality and experienced service and installation. 

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Introducing the Tankless Water Heater

As the name tells already, the tankless water heater works without a tank, heating only the water that you need, when you need it. They are smaller and more efficient when it comes to energy use compared to traditional storage tank water heaters.

When looking at the costs, the tankless water heater costs more than its counterparts because of a more complicated installation.

The Tankless Water Heater Pros

Lifespan: The average lifespan of a tankless heater is about 20 years, compared to an average of about 10 to 15 years with the traditional tank heaters. That is sometimes double the lifespan.

Takes up less space: Simple. No tank, more space!

No wait for hot water: Tankless hot water heaters are not limited to the capacity of a holding tank. They will provide hot water on demand (2-3 gallons of hot water a minute)!

Energy Savings: They are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters.

The Tankless Water Heater Cons

Costs: They are more expensive to buy, install, and repair.

Introducing the Tank Water Heater

The conventional heater has large tanks that heat and store water until you need it. This means the water is continually heated, whether you are using it or not, making the conventional heater less efficient.

The Tank Water Heater Pros

Lower costs: A smaller investment is needed is needed compared to the tankless version.

Quick installation: these are relatively simple to set up, and therefore take less time.

The Tank Water Heater Cons

Shorter Lifespan: As we previously mentioned, sometimes tank heaters can have half of the tankless heater’s lifespan (10-15 years).

Size: The storage tanks are big, taking a lot of space, and are also difficult to move.

More overall energy use: The standby heat loss makes it less efficient because the water is constantly heated. This will cause higher utility bills.

Want to know which system is the best fit for your home and family?  Schedule an appointment with our expert plumbing team today!

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