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How a Humidifier Can Save You This Winter

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How a Humidifier Can Save You This Winter


With the winter weather comes the dry air that can wreak havoc on our sinuses, skin, and the comfort level of our living space (among other things). Having a plan for adding moisture to the air will help combat a lot of issues that come during this time of year, and a humidifier is going to be one of the top choices. Here are a few ways that incorporating a humidifier into your home can save you this winter and give you the comfort that you’re craving all season long. 

A lower energy bill

Dry air can make you feel colder in the winter than you really are, and that will get you to adjust your thermostat more frequently. If you’ve started to notice that you’re feeling colder, even when the temperature is set at a comfortable number, adding a little moisture in the air may be exactly what you need to keep your heating bill in check.

A healthier body

If you are trying to avoid getting the flu or a cold this year, then a humidifier can help. It’s easier for bacteria and viruses to travel in the dry air, so when you add moisture, you’ll prevent these things from readily making their way into your home. If you do find yourself sick, then you can rest easy knowing that the moist air will keep your throat from drying out and give your nasal passages a break from suffering, allowing you to recover quicker. Beyond keeping illnesses at bay, a humidifier can also keep your skin smooth and soft because it won’t get as chapped and flaky like the dry weather encourages.

A happier home

Your houseplants, wooden furniture and moldings, and other elements will also get to enjoy the benefits of a humidifier because you’ll keep them from the damage that can occur when they are dried out. You’ll also have a happier home because if you live with someone that’s notorious for disrupting sleep due to snoring, you may find that moisture in the air will combat their dry throat and sinuses that cause them to saw logs all night long.

Learn more about your different humidifier options by getting in touch with the experts at SSI today at (703) 968-0606. We are proud partners with Aprilaire brand humidifiers and we’ve got some fantastic specials until December 31st that you won’t want to pass up!

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