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Which water heater is right for you? Traditional or tankless?

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Once you’ve gotten a professional plumbing diagnoses and have accepted that it’s time to get a new water heater installed, you can stop stressing and start making decisions that will lower your energy bill and increase your comfort level. A new water heater is actually very beneficial and getting the latest model means that you’ll be enjoying the most recent advancements in technology and efficiency. Begin by deciding which style of water heater is right for you between traditional versus tankless selections. Here are a few pros and cons to help get you started when you’re weighing your options for a new water heater.

water heaters side by side

Traditional water heater pros and cons

Traditional water heaters are favored by many homeowners because they will generally have a lower cost initially, and they can easily be repaired and replaced. However, they do have a shorter lifespan (the average lifespan of a traditional water heater is about 10-12 years) than the tankless options, and they take up more room. Plus, your energy bill can increase, especially in colder weather because your water heater will be working overtime. Traditional water heaters can run out of hot water if you have a smaller tank, and you’ll want to factor in how much space you can utilize for the heater and if a future upgrade is possible in your budget.

Tankless water heater pros and cons

The advantages of a tankless water heater are that they are smaller and easier to store, as well as have a longer lifespan compared to traditional models. Tankless water heater will last more than 20 years, where a traditional water heater only last about 10-12 years. They’ll save money on your energy bill and produces hot water when you need it, so you don’t have to worry about those quick, cold showers in the morning because you were the last in line for the bathroom. The cons are the upfront cost will be higher for a tankless water heater because of the heater itself, as well as the cost to convert a traditional system into a tankless system.

Other factors to consider

Ultimately the choice is up to you based on your preferences and the features you want from a water heater. However, no matter which water heater you decide on, it’s essential that you choose a licensed and reliable company for the install. Just like any piece of plumbing equipment, a quality water heater won’t function properly when the install isn’t done with precision and skill. Professional plumbers will guide you towards the proper size for your home, the best brands, and they’ll use premium materials to ensure a successful install and durable water heater.

If you need a water heater diagnosis, want to learn more about tankless and traditional options, or are ready for an install, contact the SSI professionals today at (703) 968-0606!

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