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How Much Money Can Plumbing Leaks Cost You?

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How Much Money Can Plumbing Leaks Cost You?

Plumbing leaks can sneak up on you because many times they’ll happen slowly and in places the eyes glance over or you simply can’t see. Alongside the tub, underneath sinks, behind the shower, or beneath the structure of your home can be suspect spots for a leak to go unnoticed. However, when they go unrepaired, they can gouge your wallet and wreak havoc on your budget. Even tiny leaks can do some pretty serious damage, so it’s vital that you’re aware of the cost they can have for a home.

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Plumbing leak damage and costs

Plumbing leaks may seem like a slight inconvenience at first, but they’ll quickly evolve into structural damage on your flooring. If you have a hardwood floor that has suffered water damage, it can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Carpet, tile, and all styles of flooring will be expensive to repair, and catching a plumbing leak can save you big time on these expenses.

A leak can also create moisture build-up in sections of your walls, and this can lead to black mold if not treated. It can cost anywhere in the mid-hundreds to a few thousand dollars for a mold remediation team to take care of the problem (and that doesn’t include a few hundred dollars to get the drywall replaced).

Plumbing leak prevention tips

If you want to prevent plumbing leaks, there are a few tips that you can incorporate into your routine. The first is to start paying attention to your plumbing such as how it sounds and water clarity. Routinely check under the sink and around areas like the tub for water damage as well. If you notice your hardwood start to swell unnaturally, take the time to have this investigated. Notice any changes you have in your water pressure, and if you see your water bill start to rise, it could be the sign of a leak.

The second tip for prevention is if you notice a plumbing leak—don’t put it off getting a plumbing expert involved! This isn’t a call you want to push to the bottom of your to-do list because it can save you thousands of dollars in future home repairs. Plus, it keeps your plumbing working in prime condition when you get the little leaks taken care of quickly.

Don’t let a simple plumbing leak cost you thousands of dollars! SSI will come out and inspect your plumbing to prevent future issues. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (703) 968-0606

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