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3 Benefits of the Nest Thermostat

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Last Updated on: May 18, 2021

There are a lot of actions you can take to help control your energy costs and keep your HVAC unit working in prime condition. However, very few of those actions will be as effective as your thermostat. But before you get to enjoy all of the benefits, you need to make sure that you’re getting the most advanced thermostat available. SSI is an Elite Pro Contractor for the Nest Thermostat because we want to provide our customers with the very best in the industry. Here are a just a few of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you decide it’s time for an upgrade.

#1: Energy savings are proven

You’ve probably heard that you can save energy when you have a programmable thermostat, but have you seen the proven data to back it up? Well, Nest provides the data and has shown to save an average of between 10-15% on your heating and cooling bill per year. In fact, most people find that the savings pay for the thermostat in two years or less.

#2: Nest is self-learning

Nest was co-founded by Apple engineers, and they have added features that have taken thermostats to a whole new level. The self-learning capabilities are exceptional and save you time and frustration when setting comfortable temperatures.

The first week that you use your Nest Thermostat, it will begin to learn what you like, as well as your routine. It will learn about your home and then design a temperature adjustment schedule that makes sense for you. It then programs itself based on how you heat and cool your space, and it will factor in the unique features of your home. In fact, it even adjusts when you’re away from home because it knows that you are not there.

#3: You can adjust from anywhere

You’ll be able to adjust your thermostat from anywhere like being away at work or when taking a week long vacation. Even though the Nest Thermostat works well without much fuss, if you want to check the settings or change them, you’ll have mobile access which is just another convenience of this state of the art thermostat.

If you’re ready to make the most of your heating and cooling system, then call our experts that were just named as a Nest Elite Pro Contractor. When an Elite Pro Contractor installs your Nest, not only do you get professional installation, but Nest extends the warranty from 2 years to 5 years! We are also offering a FREE Nest Protect with any new system installation. See more details here.

Don’t do it yourself – let SSI help! Call us at (703) 968-0606 or click now to schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits of a Nest thermostat or to have a new Nest installed right away!

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