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Traveling for the Holidays? What You Should Set Your Thermostat To?

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Millions of people travel out of town for the holidays. But, that doesn’t mean that your HVAC system gets a vacation just because you aren’t there. In the summer, it can be a little easier to turn off your unit or set the temperature in the eighties to keep your energy bill low while still protecting the interior. However, the winter is going to be a little different for smart temperature settings. To help you protect your house and keep your energy bill low, here are a few tips for setting your thermostat when you’re traveling out of town in the winter.

Consider appliances and pipes

While it may sound like a good idea to turn your HVAC system off completely when you leave town to save money and energy, you could actually end up spending more money when you get home. Your thermostat should be set to at least 50 degrees to prevent pipes and appliances from freezing. Coming home to a burst pipe is never fun, and avoiding this should be a top priority when readying your house for an extended amount of time.

Account for pets and plants

Make sure that you account for pets and plants so that you don’t cause discomfort. Animals are different than people in the temperatures that they’re comfortable in, and your vet will advise the best indoor atmosphere to leave them in. You can also consider boarding animals or leave them with a friend or family so that you can lower the thermostat settings to reduce the energy bill.

If you’re concerned about plants in a cooler indoor temperature, you can also take these to the home of the person watching them for you.

Invest in a new thermostat to control remotely

Even if you don’t need a new HVAC installation, a new thermostat can be installed to help you save money and control the indoor temperatures remotely. When you travel for the holidays, you’ll have the ability to adjust the setting and heat each room more efficiently.

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