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Steps to Winterizing your HVAC System

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Steps to Winterizing your HVAC System

The cold is here! With winter right around the corner, many of us can already feel the nip in the air and are turning our heaters on for the first time this season. But, before you permanently set the temperature for the cold weather and a cozy indoor atmosphere, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure your HVAC system can handle the wear and tear. Here we provide you with a few tips for winterizing your HVAC system, so that you prevent unnecessary repairs and keep it working at optimal levels.

Change your Filter

Make sure to change the filter regularly. Most HVAC systems will have a standard filter that needs to be changed monthly. You could also have an upgraded filter, which may require a bimonthly change or longer. You never want your filter to get completed slammed up with debris, because this can cause your HVAC system to work harder, causing potential break downs.

Clean the unit

Rake the leaves, remove sticks, and use a hose to wash dirt, dead bugs, and other messes from the outside of your unit. Choose a day to clean the unit that allows it to dry thoroughly so that it doesn’t freeze or rust. If you keep up with your yearly service calls, a technician can clean the inside components such as coils, so it continues to run smoothly in all temperatures. Make sure to continually clean off the top of the unit of snow, dirt, and other debris to prevent potential breakdowns.

Schedule a tune-up

Schedule a tune-up if you haven’t had one this year and get the experts involved in winterizing your HVAC system. Don’t put this off because it can make the difference between your unit lasting longer and needing fewer repairs over time versus components wearing down prematurely. Turn your heat on before the first big cold, to make sure that it is working properly. This way, you can have one of SSI’s technicians to take a look at the system before the coldest day of the winter, when you really need the heat!

Call the experts at SSI today to winterize your HVAC system, and you’ll be ready for those cold nights! You can reach us at (703) 968-0606 or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

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