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4 Spring Cleaning Must Do’s for Your Kitchen and Bathroom!

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

With winter on its way out and spring in the air, many people start to get the cleaning bug. Windows can be opened again, and the sunlight reveals those corners that were neglected when the weather was cold. And when making your list for spring cleaning, there are a few spaces that you simply can’t ignore – the kitchen and bathroom. So, as you’re grabbing the scrub brush and snapping the cleaning gloves in place, here are 4 must do’s for spring cleaning your kitchen and bathroom!

1: Get a pipe inspection

The winter can really wear on your pipes and cause issues that may not immediately present themselves. Enlist a professional plumber to come in and inspect the pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the home that water runs (like the laundry room) to ensure everything is on the up and up and ready for summer.

2: Deep clean faucets and fixtures

Faucets and fixtures can easily get corroded over time and require a deep cleaned. A plumber will remove the caps to clean the hard water residue and other buildups. If the fixture is too corroded, the plumber can replace it with a new one.

3: Drain and clean the toilet tank

Hard water buildup and other matters can wreak havoc on the working parts of your toilet. By draining and cleaning the inside of the tank, you can reduce unwanted issues. If you aren’t sure what the best methods for cleaning the inside of the tank is, don’t hesitate to ask a plumber.

4: Don’t forget to service your water heater!

Even though your water heater may not be in your bathroom or kitchen, it’s what makes the showers warm and allows equipment like the dishwasher get the job done. Each year your water heater should be drained and maintained by a professional, so make sure you don’t skip this vital step!

Let the experts at SSI help enhance your bathroom and kitchen spring cleaning efforts! Call for a water heater tune-up, plumbing inspection, and more by filling out our quick contact form online or call us at (703) 968-0606.

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