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Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms with an Air Purifier!

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Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms with an Air Purifier!

While many people look forward to the warm summer months, it can be difficult for those with allergies to enjoy the weather fully. But, even when relaxing at home, pollen, dirt, dander, and more can make its way inside, and impact our indoor air quality. There are a few different solutions that can reduce your allergy symptoms like adequate ventilation and proper insulation, and today we’re going to look extra close at whole house air purification systems.

Why an air purifier is a popular choice for allergy suffers:

A whole house air purification system traps environmental factors like pollen (as well as other irritants) in the filter, leaving the air cleaner to breathe. One reason to purify the whole home is that the system covers a larger area versus other options. The allergen particles won’t stay suspended in the air long before being trapped when you have a quality air purifier. Smaller systems are designed with reduced coverage capabilities and may only capture the larger particles. That’s why whole house systems are the best choice for those with allergies.

What to consider when investing in an air purification system:

There are going to be a few considerations you’ll want to factor in when choosing a purification system. Areas like coverage, noise level, and efficiency rating can make a difference in your satisfaction. Also, find out how often you’ll need to clean and change the filter. It’s important to understand that the contaminants brought into the home by pets and foot traffic can be dangerous to allergy sufferers and those that are prone to respiratory illnesses. When each room of your house has the benefits of an air purification system, trust that you’ll notice!

Eliminate the air particles in your home this summer and breathe easy! Call the SSI experts today and learn more about whole house air purification installations by calling (703) 968-0606 or filling out the brief contact form online.

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