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Combat Mosquitos with Plumbing?!

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Summertime is a time of sun, pool time adventures, fun with friends, and cool drinks. Unfortunately, it’s also peak mosquito season. One of the biggest factors affecting the size of the mosquito problem in (and around) your home is water management. Good plumbing and other ways to manage water can dramatically affect the annoying pests you deal with. Read on as we outline the ways that you can combat the summer mosquito problem with controlling the water around your home.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water is breeding ground for mosquitos. Ensuring that you don’t have any unnecessary pools of water around your home will decrease the number of mosquitoes you deal with in the summer. Make sure to find a solution for pools of water that collect in empty pots, on top of swimming pool covers, and in little dips in the ground. After a rainfall, check the area around your property to dump out or get rid of any puddles of water.

Check for Leaks in Your Plumbing System

If you’ve ensured that there are little to no places that mosquitoes can easily breed on your property, but still find your backyard covered in swarms of mosquitoes, there is a possibility that you have a plumbing issue. It is possible that a leak in your plumbing system is causing excess moisture that the mosquitoes can breed on. Call a plumbing professional to check for leaks around your home.

Replace or Fix Your Sump Pump

It’s normal for your yard to be soaking after a heavy rainfall. However, if your yard is still soaking wet days after it has rained, that is a sign of a drainage problem. Your sump pump may not be throwing excess water in the right place. Again, calling a professional to evaluate your sump pump and home plumbing system is always a good idea. He or she may be able to identify any issues so you can put an end to stagnant standing water and those pesky mosquitoes!

These are some of the things you can do to help get rid of mosquitoes around your home. Of course, if your issue is major, you should call a pest control service as well. But first, try getting rid of all the standing water around your home. You may surprised at the difference this makes!

SSI has been taking care of plumbing issues for customers for over 35 years! We can help you get rid of standing water around your home, check for leaks, and help inspect and replace your sump pump system. To schedule service or learn more, call (703) 968-0606 or fill out our quick contact form right here!

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