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Adding And Using Dampers To Direct Heat From Your HVAC System

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Adding And Using Dampers To Direct Heat From Your HVAC System

Dampers are an excellent addition to any HVAC system, and most homes already have these placed in the ductwork the air travels through. The dampers, which are shaped like a plate, can be strategically adjusted to ensure the airflow is moving in the desired direction. They open and close or are tilted to direct the airflow towards specific rooms and away from others. While these are an ideal way to reach the optimal level of comfort, dampers often go ignored. To help you learn more about how dampers direct heat from your HVAC system here’s some helpful information about adding and using them.

The different kinds of dampers

Most homes have manual dampers that require a professional to go to areas like crawl spaces and attics. HVAC technicians locate the dampers in the ducting system, and then manually adjust them for the desired results. Automated dampers are adjusted via a signal to the thermostat and can be controlled remotely without having to go to basements, attics, and other tight spaces. If you don’t have dampers in your ducting, schedule an appointment to have these installed to enhance your HVAC systems capabilities.

Best practices for adjusting dampers

In the winter, you’ll want to adjust the dampers so that the hot air is forced to the lower levels or larger rooms. As you adjust your dampers, keep in mind that heat rises in the winter. When the weather gets hotter outside, you’ll want to switch the dampers in the opposite direction, so the cool air goes to the upstairs, and it drops to the downstairs. If adjusting your damper doesn’t successfully distribute heat in your home, schedule a maintenance check for HVAC unit.

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