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What Happens If I Don’t Change My Air Filter?

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What Happens If I Don’t Change My Air Filter?

Changing the air filter for your heating and cooling system is a simple and inexpensive way to keep it running at optimal levels. But, it’s also an easy chore to forget or to be misinformed about. Unfortunately, when a filter doesn’t get changed, it can wreak havoc on your unit. To help you gain a better understanding of why changing your air filter is such as a crucial step in maintaining your HVAC system, here are a few problems that can happen when it doesn’t get replaced on a routine basis.

Unnecessary wear and tear on the unit

When the filter becomes clogged, and the air is unable to move through it, your HVAC system is going to work harder to push the air. This causes more power to be used, and components to become sluggish. It can even cause issues like coils to become frozen. Before you know it, parts are going to need repairs prematurely, your energy bill will be on the rise, and you won’t have as much control over temperatures.

Buildup occurs in ductwork and blowers

A clogged filter allows dust and other contaminants to reach the ductwork, blower fans, and other parts, and soon this causes buildup. As these contaminants enter the HVAC system, moving components get bogged down and jammed. Soon, you’ll see a rise in your energy bill because parts like fan motors have to work overtime to combat the issue. And AC repairs will be on the horizon at a much faster (and more expensive) pace.

Pollen, mold, and more can spread

While the filters primary job isn’t to increase indoor air quality, when it doesn’t get changed on a routine basis, pollen and dander are more likely to enter your home or business. Not changing your filter can also cause moisture to occur in the structure, and this can lead to bigger problems like mold.

A decrease in indoor comfort

If you don’t replace or clean your filter, you’ll notice the air becomes stagnant, and it’s harder to reach desired temperatures. If you own a business, this can deter clients and make employees miserable. If you own a home, everyday activities can be affected, and even sleep can become difficult.

Best practices for changing filters

The best rule of thumb for filter changes is to replace it once a month. Of course, this can vary based on factors such as the type of HVAC system you have and filter that you use. If you own a home, pets and heavy foot traffic may cause more frequent filter changes. If you own commercial property, consider having professionals maintain the filters for you to ensure the job is done correctly.

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