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Warning Signs: HVAC Edition

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Last Updated on: May 18, 2021

It’s no secret people don’t like when their HVAC unit shows warning signs that a repair or replacement is necessary. Unless you’re an expert, it’s hard to identify the issue and know how much it will cost. This uncertainty can cause some to let the problem go on longer. Others simply may not make the time on their calendar for a visit from a technician. That is, until a small repair turns into a major problem or the entire unit stops working altogether.

To prevent AC repairs, premature replacements, and decreased comfort levels, it’s vital that you bring in the HVAC experts at the first sign of trouble. To help, here are the most common warning signs that your HVAC system needs attention and what your next steps should be.

Strange noises

An unfamiliar sound coming from the HVAC system can alert you to a few different issues. Squealing can be a sign that a belt has slipped, clicking can warn an electrical component needs attention, and grinding signals it may be time for a new unit.

Never attempt to DIY your HVAC system because not only could you end up making the problem worse, but it’s also incredibly dangerous to troubleshoot electricity and the working parts of the system without proper training and experience. 

Poor to no air flow

Little to no air flow can significantly impact the comfort of your home. Check to ensure vents aren’t accidently shut or covered up. Also, make sure your filter is clean. In some cases, a little at-home maintenance can correct the problem. However, if the air flow troubles continue, schedule an inspection where a technician will identify and resolve the issue.

Odd odors

When pungent or musty odors come out of the vents, don’t ignore them! They could be a sign of mold in the ductwork or inside the system. Foul and odd smells can also be a sign that the wire insulation is burning out.

Moisture build up

When you notice standing water or moisture build up around your HVAC system, make sure you have it looked at by an HVAC technician. In some cases, the drain is blocked that condensation goes through. In other cases, it could be a refrigerant leak. Wherever the problem stems from, know that it won’t naturally correct itself over time.

Has your HVAC system shown any if these warning signs? Let SSI help! Schedule an appointment with a technician at (703) 968-0606.

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