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Warning Signs: Plumbing Edition

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Warning Signs: Plumbing Edition

Plumbing isn’t always accessible for homeowners, making it a challenge to detect when it needs a repair. Pipes under sinks and in crawl spaces often go ignored, and many people don’t address small issues until they become a bigger problem. The best way to ensure you don’t have a major plumbing problem on your hands is to learn a few of the warning signs. When you notice one of these signs, call a professional plumber to correct the issue.

A continual leak from a pipe or faucet

A steady drip from a faucet or pipe can seem like a common problem that doesn’t need to be addressed, but you are literally watching money go down the drain! Continual leaks increase your water bill and decrease the lifespan of piping and fixtures. The longer you ignore a steady leak, the more damage it will do.

Odd noises coming from pipes

If you hear odd noises coming from pipes like squeals, hammering or thuds, have a professional plumber take a look. Unusual sounds can alert a plumber to a few different issues like too much water pressure, and you’ll want to have these repaired right away.

Slow drains and water backups

One warning sign that you have a plumbing problem is when water is slow to drain, and it quickly gets backed up. There are a few different culprits for this issue such as old piping, the main drain line being obstructed, or something stuck in the pipe. If plunging or running hot water down the drain doesn’t correct the problem, it’s time to get a pro plumber involved.

A hike in the water bill

Pay attention to your water bill because it can warn you of problems that aren’t easily detected with visual inspections. Broken pipes and plumbing components can waste water, and you’ll see this reflected on the monthly water statement. If you have an unexplained increase in water usage on your bill, get a plumbing inspection.

Have you noticed the warning signs that you need a plumbing repair? Let us help! Schedule a plumbing repair or inspection by calling (703) 968-0606 or filling out the contact form here.

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