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Remember to Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction This Summer

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

When the weather gets hot, we start to notice our air conditioning working a little harder to keep us cool. Many homeowners search for ways to ensure their unit is performing at the most efficient levels, so energy bills are lower and the system runs smoothly all summer.

While your first instinct may be to get an AC tune-up, close up air leaks around windows and doors, and check insulation levels around the house (and you should do all of those!), make sure you don’t ignore your ceiling fans and the direction the blades spin. To help you learn why you need to switch the direction of your ceiling fan, here’s a more information.

Switch the fan to rotate counterclockwise

In the summer, you want the ceiling fan to create the cooling effect and you do this by setting the fan counterclockwise. The rotation of the downward breeze will evaporate perspiration and leave you feel much cooler. A ceiling fan is designed to keep your body cooler, and not the room. But, the cooling effect allows you to set the temperatures a little higher and still feel comfortable.

Make sure you read the directions of your specific brand of fan to ensure you’re setting it correctly. To tell which direction your fan is rotating in, stand under it. If you don’t feel air move, it’s spinning clockwise and if you do feel the air, then it’s ready for the summer!

Benefits of switching your fans direction

It’s surprising how many people don’t switch the direction of their ceiling fan, and one reason is because they don’t understand the benefits. By switching your fan to counterclockwise in the summer, you’ll reduce the costs to run your air conditioner and decrease wear and tear on your unit. Plus, your indoor air temperatures will be more comfortable and cooling.

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