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SSI Plumbing Now Offers leakSMART!

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SSI Plumbing Now Offers leakSMART!

Undetected or unnoticed leaks in your home can lead to flooding, which can cause substantial property damage to your home. When a flood occurs, water removal may be necessary, you may have to dry the moisture from the area, repairs may need to be made to anything damaged by water and mold may need to be prevented or removed causing you and your family a lot of inconvenience. Fortunately, there is a way to help lower the amount of damage that is caused by substantial flooding due to burst pipes and malfunctioning appliances in your home by using leakSMART.

What Is leakSMART?

leakSMART is a technology that helps to catch leaks that are present in your plumbing or water-based appliances. Sensors can be placed around your home and your homes appliances and fixtures such as your dish washer, washing machine, HVAC unit, toilets, and hot water heater which will detect moisture. When leakSMART senses a leak it will send a signal to shut off your water main in 5 seconds or less, protecting you from disastrous water damage. The sensor will trigger the main water valve to your home to shut closed, and you will be alerted through your smart phone that moisture has been detected and that your homes main shut off valve has been closed. By turning off your main water valve, this decreases the amount of water that can leak into your home unnoticed.

Why Should You Install leakSMART?

The number one reason to install leakSMART is to protect your home against extensive flood damage. Many people are not home, or are out and about on the weekends when disaster strikes, which can cause inches upon inches of water to fill your home. By installing leakSMART, you are protecting your home and belonging against devasting damage. leakSMART provides 100% protection, even when the power and internet is down.

Are you ready to protect your home against major flooding? Contact us today to obtain an estimate or schedule an installation appointment. Here at SSI we are proud to now offer leakSMART technology.

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