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Winter is Coming! Make Sure Your HVAC System is Ready

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Before the temperature drops to freezing and you crank your thermostat way up, take a few minutes to inspect your HVAC system, change your air filters, and prepare your home for the long, cold winter months ahead. A couple of simple techniques will get your home’s heating system in top shape so it can do its job to keep your home warm. Properly winterizing your home can help save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bills during the winter months. If your home’s HVAC is in need of repairs or replacement, SSI is here to help! 


heating system inspection should be done before the cold season begins. Professionals look for specific things depending on your type of heating system. If you have oil, boiler, electric, natural gas or heat pump, a licensed HVAC professional will ensure your unit is able to provide the appropriate amount of heat for your home.


An HVAC inspection normally begins with the fuel source. The professional will check for leakages and cracks in the pipes which deliver the fuel to your unit. It is easy to spot leaks if you use oil as your heating fuel because you will be able to see the drips. A professional will check the pilot light to make sure it is burning a steady blue flame. If it is a yellow flame or is sputtering, the burner is not operating properly. If your unit is electric, the inspector will check for frayed or corroded wires at the point of furnace contact.

The next thing an HVAC inspector will look at is the ventilation system. If the system is not ventilated correctly, it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and illness. The ductwork or chimney will be checked for any loose connections or cracks. Once the system is running, they may notice issues with the thermostat, blowers, pumps, and controls. Having your heating system inspected before the winter months will give you adequate time to have the necessary repairs made before it gets too cold.


SSI HVAC will be able to perform this routine maintenance easily and give you some extra tips on keeping your family warm, and your HVAC unit happy, this winter. Visit our website or call us at (703) 968-0606 for a free quote. We are aware that wintertime calls are the most urgent, and we’ll take every step possible to ensure both a prompt reply and speedy service.

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