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Get a Whole House Generator: Never Be Without Power Again

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

We rely so much on electricity these days. Being without power means losing heat, hot water, lighting, and even the ability to communicate via phone or email. In Northern Virginia, summer hurricanes or tropical storms and winter snow and ice are known to cause prolonged power outages. Losing power for a long stretch of time during bad weather can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re concerned about prolonged power outages in Northern Virginia, a whole house standby generator is just the solution you need! Unlike a portable generator that may power only a few things in your home, a whole house generator lives up to its name.

Don’t worry about unearthing your portable generator from the garage, dragging it outside, and hoping that you have a few gallons of fuel to power it. As soon as your whole house generator senses an outage, it turns on and takes over, ensuring that your home remains comfortable and safe whether the power is out for two hours or two weeks.

The Benefits of a Generac Whole House Generator

At SSI, we install the best whole house generators on the market today. Generac brand produces top-of-the-line solutions to power your home when the utility companies fail.

  • Automatic: You don’t need to be awake or even at home. The generators we install automatically sense when the power supply has gone out, and they turn on and take over providing power to your home immediately.
  • Smooth: Generac whole house generators are designed to power even sensitive electronics, so you can trust that your television, computer, and other items will operate smoothly during a prolonged power outage.
  • Self-Fueling: We install whole house generators that hook up to your natural gas or LP fuel supply, so you don’t have to worry about keeping fuel cans on hand or scrambling to refill when supplies run short.
  • Safe: Prolonged loss of heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer can be extremely risky for older adults, small children, and people in poor health. Running extension cords and wires throughout your home to power individual items with a portable generator also creates a hazardous situation. And running a portable generator too close to your home can have fatal consequences. Generac whole house solutions avoid all of these risks.

We want you to be comfortable in all seasons, and in all weather. Consult with our expert technicians to determine the best whole house generator for your family.

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