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How Hurricanes and Heavy Rain Can Affect Your Plumbing

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How Hurricanes and Heavy Rain Can Affect Your Plumbing

Hurricanes and excessive amounts of rain can be damaging to your plumbing system. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes and/or heavy rains, here is some information you should be aware of.

How Hurricanes Can Cause Plumbing Issues

Hurricanes and heavy amounts of rain can lead to a variety of plumbing issues. When there is a large amount of rain and water present at once, the ground is not able to soak up all of the water. In turn, flooding becomes a possibility. Water can flood around your property and then begin to seep into your home, causing damage. When the ground is waterlogged, soil can shift, which can also cause your buried pipes to shift. Debris, including leaves, dirt and sticks can also make their way into your plumbing system, causing clogs and damage. Lastly, when there are heavy periods of rain, substantial amounts of water can enter your pipes. This causes water and pressure to build up, which can lead to pipes bursting.

How Having a Working Sump Pump Can Help

Having a sump pump that is functional and working can help to protect your home against flooding and plumbing damage during hurricanes or periods of heavy rain. A sump pump can be installed on the lowest area of your home. When the area fills with water, the pump begins to pump the water away from the space, helping to keep the water out of your plumbing system and from flooding your home. A sump pump needs to be routinely inspected to ensure it is working properly. This helps to ensure the system is ready to go in the event of heavy rains.

Do you want to protect your home as best you can against excessive water from hurricanes and heavy rains? Or are you looking to have your plumbing system inspected after a recent heavy rainfall? Call Service Specialties Inc. at (703) 968-0606 or fill out our quick contact form to see how we can help!

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