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Plumbing 101: What Should I Know?

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Plumbing 101: What Should I Know?

It’s easy to ignore your plumbing system until something goes wrong, but it can be very valuable to have a basic level of knowledge of your home’s plumbing. Knowing a bit about what’s going on can help you avoid disasters when problems do come up.

How does my home’s plumbing system work?

Plumbing systems use a two-way flow of water. One system of pipes bring clean water into your home for your use; another carries used wastewater away from your home. Pressure carries the clean water up and through your home, and gravity flushes the dirty water away through an S-shaped pipe that prevents sewer water from getting into your home. This system makes sure that clean water stays separate from contaminated wastewater, and that only clean water is flowing into your home.

What causes clogs?

To dispel the likelihood of frequent clogs, you should be careful not to wash anything other than water, soap, and toilet paper down your drains. However, clogs in your pipes can and will occur, no matter how careful you are about what you put in your drains. They can be caused by anything from hair to minerals dissolved in water to tree roots growing inside cracked pipes. Over time, any of these things and more can build up in your pipes, eventually sealing them off so water can’t make its way through.

Is there anything I can do to fix clogs?

Clogs in wastewater pipes can be fixed with chemical solutions, but these are highly corrosive and can cause damage to your pipes over time. You can also use tools such as a plunger. If your pipes and drains are constantly getting clogged, it is best to use professional drain cleaning services such as those we offer here at Service Specialties.

Even with your newfound knowledge on how your home’s plumbing system functions, at some point, problems will come up that you won’t know how to solve. Service Specialties. has your back! For more information or to schedule a repair or installation, don’t hesitate to call us or schedule a service call online today. 

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