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Why is My Bathtub Draining So Slowly?

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Last Updated on: September 17, 2021

While a slow-draining bathtub might be manageable, it certainly is an annoyance that you’d rather avoid. But what exactly causes a clogged bathtub drain? And is it worth the effort to fix it? Service Specialties is here to explain.

Why is the tub not draining?

There are many possible causes for a clogged or slow-draining bathtub drain. They can include hair or other debris that have accumulated in the pipe over time, eventually causing a blockage. However, the problem could also signal more serious flaws within your plumbing system, such as a cracked pipe blocked by a tree root. If you frequently experience a clogged drain, be sure to contact a plumber to examine the issue.

What can I do to avoid clogged drains?

It is inevitable that your pipes will become clogged over time, especially in the bathtub because many materials are washed down the drain as you bathe. However, you can be as careful as possible to try to avoid washing anything other than water and soap. If you notice hair building up near the drain, clean it out to avoid a buildup later down the road.

My bathtub drains slowly. What should I do?

If your bathtub drain has become clogged, causing it to drain very slowly or not at all, the best thing to do in order to prevent the problem from recurring or worsening is to enlist professional drain cleaning services. Though do-it-yourself solutions might be tempting for their ease and low price, they can be ineffective in the long run. To have the job done right and save yourself from frequent annoyance due to a slow-draining tub, always trust a professional plumber.

If you are having problems with a bathtub that doesn’t drain or you have any other questions, call us at Service Specialties. or schedule a service call online today.

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