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Why is Your AC Unit Making Strange Noises?

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Your air conditioning system is something you probably don’t give much thought to. By now, you’re likely used to its gentle, nearly silent hum in the background as you go about your daily life. But occasionally, you may hear strange, annoying noises that you simply can’t ignore.

What kinds of noises could I hear, and do they signal a problem?

Any of the noises below could mean that there is a problem with your AC unit that needs to be addressed. You should turn off your air conditioner and call for professional help if you hear them.

Banging or knocking: A loud clunking sound coming from your AC unit probably signals that there is a loose or broken part clattering around within the compressor. Another reason could be that the fan is hitting against another object.

Buzzing: A buzzing noise that does not stop even when your air conditioner is off could mean that there is an electrical problem in your unit. Additionally, there could be loose parts in the unit or parts that have gone bad and need to be changed.

Clicking: A few clicking noises when your unit turns off or on can be annoying, but they are not a huge cause for concern. However, if there is a lot of clicking, it probably means that there is an electrical problem affecting the connection from your thermostat to the unit. Beware: you should not attempt electrical repairs on your own! It is advised that you call a professional to safely address the issue.

Screeching: A high-pitched metal-on-metal sound coming from your AC unit is rightfully a cause for concern. Luckily, the fix shouldn’t be too difficult! The most likely causes of this noise are compressors or fan motors that need to be repaired.

Squealing: If you hear a high-pitched screaming noise coming from your AC unit a few minutes after it turns on, this sound could signal a high-pressure buildup within the unit, which could be dangerous and should be checked immediately.

My unit is making one of these sounds; what should I do?

These noises might just seem like an annoyance that you can live with, but you should not let the problem persist or worsen so much that the unit cannot be fixed. Luckily, air conditioning repair is one of our specialties at Service Specialists, Inc.! Our many happy customers can confirm that our service is quick, friendly, and efficient! If you are experiencing any of these sounds or any other issues with your AC unit, don’t hesitate to call us or schedule a service call online to have the issue resolved.

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