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Break Up With These Bad Plumbing Habits

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Break Up With These Bad Plumbing Habits

Your daily bathroom routine is doing major damage to your plumbing system. The results, of course, are a malfunctioning drain, toilet or faucet, and steep repair bills.

The good news: It’s a new year. That means it’s time to leave bad habits in 2019.

This year, resolve to break the following bad bathroom habits.

Using Your Toilet as a Trash Can

Contrary to popular belief, a toilet is not a trash can. If you continue to toss garbage into the commode, your plumbing system is bound to encounter issues. Some of the worse items to flush include…

  • feminine hygiene products
  • dental floss
  • cigarette butts
  • baby wipes
  • Cotton balls
  • Q-tips

The only thing that belongs in your toilet is — besides the obvious — toilet paper.

Relying On Chemical Drain Cleaners

When encountering a blocked kitchen drain, many people use a chemical drain cleaner to break up the clog. Unfortunately, heavy use of these products can severely damage your plumbing. The toxic chemicals will gradually corrode pipes, making them more prone to cracking. Even worse, drain cleaners can damage your septic tank.

Ignoring Plumbing Leaks

Some homeowners have a bad habit of ignoring plumbing leaks. Although a minor drip coming from your bathroom sink may not seem serious, it’ll eventually get worse. When dealing with leaks, the best approach is to fix issues sooner rather than later.

Allowing Hair to Build Up In Your Drains

Whether you’re taking a shower or shaving, hair is bound to accumulate in your drains. The thick follicles collect in the pipes, which could ultimately lead to a big clog. Drain baskets allow you to catch hair before it causes trouble quickly.

Abusing Your Garbage Disposal

Try to void feeding your garbage disposal things such as grease, rice, cereal, pasta and coffee grounds. These things do not wash down easily and will expand in the pipes, forming a stubborn obstruction.

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