Don’t Let Plumbing Repairs Wait – Here’s Why!

Most people have visited or lived in a home where the plumbing isn't up to standards. Whether you're limited on shower time because the water heater isn't working properly, you have to jiggle a component to flush the toilet, or you just avoid a water source all together like the deep sink in the laundry room because it leaks, you should call the pros for a plumbing repair. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't wait when you're alerted to a plumbing problem.

You can get $50 OFF your next plumbing repair

If you're worried about the price tag of plumbing repairs, then call the experts at SSI about the specials we have throughout the year to show our customers appreciation. Right now you can get $50 off your next plumbing repair because we don't just want to get the pipes in your home working in prime condition – we want to put money back in your wallet!

You’re prepared for anything that can happen

Whether you’re putting off a plumbing repair because it's "sort of" working or you're trying to learn how to do it yourself, you'll rest much easier when you bring in the experts. Plumbing repairs won't always go as planned during a DIY project, and a professional will be able to handle any issues that occur on the spot, as well as correct components that are straining to work like normal.

You’ll be protected from bigger expenses in the future

The longer you put off fixing the plumbing problem, the more wear and tear will occur causing the issue to worsen and become more complicated and expensive down the road. We want to help prevent bigger expenses and time-consuming situations that can disrupt your day. The sooner you alert the experts to a weak spot in your plumbing, the faster and cheaper correcting it will be. 

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