How to Take the Best Care of Your Water Heater

Your water heater is an essential piece of equipment in your home. It impacts everything from how long you can take a hot shower to how clean your dishes get. And when your water heater goes out, it can feel like your household shuts down. But, when you take the best care of your water heater, you'll need fewer repairs and have fewer mishaps. Here we look at the best practices for caring for your water heater to ensure it works efficiently for its lifespan.

Schedule yearly tune-ups

Let a professional inspect and tune-up your water heater annually to ensure it’s in prime condition. This is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to keep your water heater functioning as it was designed.

Keep the area around your water heater free of clutter

It's difficult for you to care for your water heater when you can't see it, or there are too many obstacles in the way to get to it. If a repair becomes necessary, this can make it difficult for the technician to reach the water heater, prolonging the service call.

Drain your water heater once a year

You want to remove sediment and debris from your water heater, and you do this by draining and flushing it once a year. If you aren't familiar with the type of water heater you have or how to perform this task, call in the pros for yearly maintenance, and they'll get the job done with precision.

Know how to turn off your water and power

If the water heater starts leaking, you’ll want to turn off the power supply and necessary valves to stop more damage from happening until the technician arrives. And of course, you’ll want to turn off the water to ensure the leak doesn’t continue.

Learn the signs you need a water heater repair

Every so often, you should visually inspect your water heater to ensure it is on the up and up. But if you don't know what to look for, you could miss a red flag. If there is water around the heater, odd noises coming from it, areas that are corroded, rusty water, or you notice a lag in performance - it's time to involve the experts.


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