One Way to Prevent Dry Winter Skin: Install a Whole House Humidifier!

Winter weather means cracked skin and dry interior air quality, but it doesn't have to. A whole house humidifier can improve comfort year-round and benefit your health, as well as your dry skin. Learn the biggest benefits of a whole house humidifier.

What is a Whole House Humidifier?

A whole house humidifier is a larger version of the portable humidifiers you may use in a single room. Where portable humidifiers can be turned on and off or adjusted, whole house humidifiers integrate with your ductwork and thermostat to provider greater control over system operation. By adjusting your thermostat, you can easily control home humidity levels.

Health Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Top health benefits of a whole house humidifier include:

  • Better breathing: Dry winter air can aggravate asthma and respiratory issues. With a humidifier, everyone can breathe easier.
  • Comfort: Dry skin, sore throats - dry air plays a part in these winter health issues. A humidifier improves everyone's comfort.
  • Stronger immune system: Viruses thrive in dry environments and immunity lowers. With a humidifier, you'll boost immune health and reduce transmission of cold and flu.
  • Along with health benefits, you will enjoy lower utility costs, since a moist home feels warmer than a dry one.

Given the many health and financial benefits, it makes sense to install a whole house humidifier. Look to SSI to install the system and provide routine maintenance for your HVAC needs, including whole house humidifiers.

SSI has been serving the needs of northern Virginia for almost 40 years, with residential and commercial HVAC services. SSI can install and help you maintain your whole house humidifier, so you feel comfortable year-round. To schedule service or installation, call (703) 991-0909 or request a service online.


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