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How to Remove and Prevent Limescale

Posted on Fri, 12/29/2017

If you have hard water, you’re probably already familiar with the signs of limescale and the techniques to combat it. Even if you know a little about this issue, it's still a good idea to explore all of the ways that you can remove and prevent limescale from happening.

Traveling for the Holidays? What You Should Set Your Thermostat To?

Posted on Mon, 12/18/2017

Millions of people travel out of town for the holidays. But, that doesn’t mean that your HVAC system gets a vacation just because you aren’t there. In the summer, it can be a little easier to turn off your unit or set the temperature in the eighties to keep your energy bill low while still protecting the interior.

Tips to Keep Your Hot Water Bill Low This Winter

Posted on Thu, 12/14/2017

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save money in 2018, you're not alone. There are multiple ways to achieve yearly savings, and one area you shouldn't ignore is your hot water bill this winter. While there are many tips to keep your hot water bill low such as investing in energy efficient appliances and using cold water for laundry, here we look at the top 5 tips.

Prepare Your Plumbing System Before Winter Arrives

Posted on Mon, 12/04/2017

Before the cold weather is in full swing and you’re enjoying a cup of something warm curled up on the couch, you should take a few proactive measures such as winterizing your plumbing. After all, you don’t want to get disrupted by a plumbing emergency because your system wasn’t prepared for freezing temperatures.

Steps to Winterizing your HVAC System

Posted on Wed, 11/29/2017

The cold is here! With winter right around the corner, many of us can already feel the nip in the air and are turning our heaters on for the first time this season. But, before you permanently set the temperature for the cold weather and a cozy indoor atmosphere, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure your HVAC system can handle the wear and tear.