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Sump Pump Replacement Special

Does your home not have a sump pump?

Let SSI do a free survey to see if your home qualifies to have a sump pump!


Check includes:

  • The Pit: SSI will check the pit to make sure the pit is in good working order to ensure the sump pump can function properly
  • Check Valve: Check to make sure the check valve is functioning properly on the discharge pipe to prevent water in the discharge pipe from flowing back into the pit after the pump turns off.
  • The Cover: Making sure the cover fits properly to ensure water does not evaporate back into the basement.
  • The Discharge Location: SSI will check to ensure their discharge location is at least 20 feet away from the home to prevent water from draining back towards the house.
  • Possible Battery Backup Option: Sump Pumps may need to work harder during extreme weather conditions where heavy rains may result in power outages. SSI offers Battery Backup Pump options to ensure your home is safe during a power outage!

*This special is for customers with an existing pump. If Sump Pump is tied to existing radon mitigation system additional charges will apply.