Heating Repair in Falls Church, VA and Heating Maintenance

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Why Choose SSI for Falls Church HVAC Services?

SSI has 30+ years of experience in the heating and cooling business and you are guaranteed to be served by a highly trained and seasoned professional. Our number one goal is to get the job done as best and as quickly as possible so that your home can be restored to the level of comfort that best suits you and your household.

We are well equipped to handle a plethora of different Falls Church VA mechanical services. Whether it be a commercial request, or a residential one, SSI is here to put 100% of their effort into making sure that the job goes well and there is no job for SSI HVAC that is too big or too small. We take care of everything from head to toe!

We treat your home like it was our own. We know that your home is a like a part of you, and we want to work hard to make sure that we can add comfort to the equation through our Falls Church VA air conditioning and heating services.

Furnace repair and AC repair in Falls Church, VA

Falls Church Virginia feels and experiences the full effect of all four seasons that this wonderful earth has to offer. This means that when fall comes around you want to start winterizing your home as best you can, and when spring comes you want to make sure that your Falls Church air conditioning is up and running at full affect.

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Winterizing in the Fall

There are many things you can do on your own without the help of a Falls Church VA HVAC contractor that can better help you save money on your monthly heating bills. A few simple tips include:

  • Caulking all of your windows
  • Making sure there are no holes in the walls or ceilings (especially ones that allow air to travel all the way from the basement to the top floor of the house)
  • Make sure any exposed Pipes are insulated
  • Test your Thermostat

The little things that you can do around the house can really add up to big numbers in savings. The whole idea is that you want to try keep the air in the house as contained as possible.

The next step is making sure that your furnace or your heat pumps are operating at a very efficient rate. You can literally be burning money if you have an older furnace or a furnace that isn't running properly simply because it needs some attention or some maintenance.

Preparing for the Heat of the Summer

Central air and other AC units is something that most people in Falls Church VA simply just cannot do without. Temperatures of 100 degrees are not a rare site in these parts, and not having an air conditioning unit that is running properly can actually be a health risk due to heat exhaustion and the general over heating of our bodies.

The same thing that goes for winterizing your home goes for your summer preparation. Falls Church AC units that aren't running properly have a tendency to not keep your home as cool all the while racking up the monthly bills due to neglecting and non-maintenance.

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