Air Handler Repair and Replacement in Centreville and Surrounding Areas in Northern Virginia

Call now to book an appointment with our air handler technicians and learn more about your options for repair or replacement. Free consultations are available for air handler installations and replacements in Centreville, VA and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia.

The air handler is the indoor unit of your air conditioner or heat pump responsible for circulating air throughout your home. If you are having trouble cooling your home, chances are there is a problem with the air handler that will need professional attention.

Service Specialties, Inc. provides air handler troubleshooting and repair throughout the Centreville and Northern Virginia areas. We will take the time to inspect your equipment, explain the problem, and offer the best solution for your home.

No Cold Air? Call Our Centreville Air Handler Repair Technicians Today

Air handler problems will typically lead to a lack of cool air. Common causes of air handler problems involve damaged blower motors, frozen coils, and leaks.

Damaged blower motor

Do you hear unusually loud rattling, squealing, thumping, or other sounds coming from the air handling unit? This can point to blower motor damage. When this happens, it’s best to turn off your AC or heat pump and call our Centreville air handler repair technicians for professional diagnostics. We will discuss the source of the problem and offer options for repair.

Frozen evaporator coil

If your AC or heat pump has frozen evaporator coils, it’s likely caused by dirty air filters. When dust, dirt, and other debris enter your air handler, it will restrict airflow and cause your evaporator coil to freeze. Our experts can help you fix the problem by thawing your equipment and carrying out the repair service that best meets your needs. 


Problems with condensation can develop if the drain lines become clogged. This in turn can cause the drain pan to overflow, and when this happens you will notice water pooling around the air handling unit. Your air conditioner or heat pump may also shut off completely as well. Air handler leaks can quickly be resolved with help from our Centreville air handler repair professionals.

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Air Handler Maintenance and Replacement for Centreville Homeowners

The last thing you need is an unexpected problem with the air handler or other aspect of your HVAC system. The most effective way to avoid an emergency or recurring problems is to have your equipment maintained regularly. This means taking the time to replace the air filter every one to three months and scheduling professional maintenance and tune ups. We offer HVAC Memberships that include a full inspection and cleaning of your air handler and outdoor unit. Call our experts to learn more about signing up for an HVAC Membership.

Contact us today to schedule immediate air handler troubleshooting and repair. Free consultations available for air handler, AC, or heat pump replacements. Serving the needs of Centreville, Northern Virginia, and surrounding areas.

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    Great timely service. Ac is running just fine now!
    Jack Yoder
    Jack Yoder
    21:33 28 Nov 22
    Clint Boyd serviced us today. Very nice young man he is an asset to your company!
    Steve/Debbie Herbert
    Steve/Debbie Herbert
    16:57 28 Nov 22
    Danny and associate were considerate and professional. They explained the entire operation in detail and answered all my questions. Their workmanship and knowledge is commendable. Please inform them that it was a pleasure to do business with them.
    Jack Liberty
    Jack Liberty
    20:52 21 Nov 22
    Expert thermostat installation by SSI. Use them for all my heating and air-conditioning maintenance and repairs.
    20:49 21 Nov 22
    On time, efficient. Got the job done fast and it looks great. Very satisfied.
    Bill Patience
    Bill Patience
    15:10 21 Nov 22
    I've known Joe and the folks at SSI for a long time. I used to work there around 2010-2011. I felt so welcome there from the first day I started. This warmth really does transcend to how they serve their customers. I have referred many people to SSI. Everyone agreed with me. I can't say enough good things about them. As for Joe, he is one of the best, hands down.
    Lenna Bouras
    Lenna Bouras
    19:56 18 Nov 22
    Brendan is excellent technician, very professional and personable.
    Kevin Kottman
    Kevin Kottman
    00:11 17 Nov 22
    I had called Service Specialties, Inc. based on reviews found on NextDoor to come out and assess our HVAC unit after the A/C stopped working. Joe diagnosed my entire unit and laid everything out on the table to fix and repair the issues. Noting that my units were older and almost beyond their useful life, it was an easy decision for me to go ahead and replace everything. Not only did Joe give me options, he didn't try to upsell me on anything and actually recommended going with a cheaper unit compared to the three he showed me. Scheduled install for one week later and I couldn't be more pleased with the process. The technicians came on time, were courteous throughout the entire day, knew exactly what they were doing and had me up and running in no time. If you're looking for HVAC or Plumbing services, I highly recommend SSI and they're team, you can't go wrong.
    Chris Lipscomb
    Chris Lipscomb
    00:17 15 Nov 22
    Clint was tremendous! A true professional in all aspects and very knowledgeable! We hope to be with SSI and Clint for many years!
    Bryan Gordon
    Bryan Gordon
    14:18 14 Nov 22
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